Having the right tools for your project gives you a better edge and saves the amount of time you would spend in your workshop. Besides, power tools give more accurate results and are more efficient than you could ever imagine.

Among the many tools you need, most woodworkers prefer to include high-tech innovations in their collections. The reason is that they make your work easier when compared to the traditional tools. So, if you are thinking of stocking up your workshop with the right tools, why not include these five excellent high-tech tools as your essentials.

  1. The Combination 3D Try Square

A traditional try square might not seem very innovative, but when you use a Combination 3D Try Square, you will notice it has some other added features which you won’t find in the regular model. These additional features make your measurements and markings exceptionally accurate. You may be wondering how the Combination 3D Try Square differs from the traditional try square? This innovation can do simultaneous face and depth marking. It also has a hidden bevel gauge used for marking. In addition, the 3D try square is built with a scribe attachment, making it easy to attach it to a blade for striping, scoring, and marking.

5 High Tech Tools Workshop GP 2

  1. Equipment Tracker

Sometimes when you are swamped with work, you may find yourself searching for your tools in a very clumsy space. The equipment tracker is an essential tool that helps you locate the tools you are searching for in your workshop. If you need an important tool to work with immediately, the tracker saves the time it would take to go through your things. This tracker equipment is usually built with a Bluetooth tool and can be paired to your mobile device. You can attach it to any tool using screws, straps, rivets, or even gum. One unique quality about this tool is that it can withstand harsh conditions.

5 High Tech Tools Workshop GP 3

  1. The Power Drill

Another important high-tech tool that should be on your must-have list is a power drill. Power drills are much better than cordless drills because you can use them for an extended period. The speed levels vary in brands, but most power drills come in 2-speed levels you can choose from. The speed you choose will depend on the size of the wood chunk you want, whether it is a 3/8” or ½.

  1. The Contractor Table Saw

When considering a permanent fixture in your workshop, the first thing you think of a table saw. A contractor table saw is usually much larger and provides more than enough space to work. It also has attached to it a very powerful motor. Another feature you also find is its mobility with its wheels system. You can move this table around any part of your workshop. It is recommended that woodworkers invest in a heavy-duty table saw like the contractor table saw because it can withstand the pressure of work without falling apart. It should have combination blades ranging from 24 TPI to 80 TPI, which should be powerful enough to make deep cuts on the hardwood.

  1. The Moisture Meter

You will need a high-quality moisture meter in your workshop. When making furniture and other wooden products, the wood moisture should be at a certain level to achieve the best results. The moisture meter helps you detect the moisture level, especially with its pins that can easily penetrate wooden surfaces. You can get the pinless meters if you don’t want to deal with marks from the meters pins. Most moisture meters are built with IntelliSense Technology which is not always affected by moisture. The best moisture meter would be one that comes with various settings that can identify with the different types of woods.

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