As a brand on a social media platform, having a human presence and a person behind the brand is essential. To get active and real Instagram followers and to retain the attention of viewers when you buy Instagram views, going live is essential. This is because Instagram’s Live feature allows users to broadcast a live video to their Instagram followers. This is done in the same panel as via Instagram Stories. It’s ideal for establishing direct contact with your target audience.

Here are some tips on how to nail going live on Instagram.

1. Learn how to go live, beforehand

This may be obvious, however it is best to run a practice live so that you don’t face any glitches on the main day. Here is how you can go live on Instagram: Tap the + symbol. This is usually located on the top right corner of your profile or in some cases, on the feed. After this, you’ll be sent to a screen. This is where you can choose the sort of material you wish to produce. Swipe on the scroll list until the Instagram Live screen appears. Once you have located it, tap the recording symbol. This is when you will start recording. Before commencing your broadcast, check your network. Although Instagram will do a quick check of your phone’s internet connection, be sure it is stable to avoid any unnecessary disturbances. This may ruin the experience and cause a lag. Thus, with this, in three easy steps, you can go live on Instagram.

2. Conduct a question and answer session on your live

A lot of the time, when your brand is still venturing out, the audience may have questions. A live question and answer session on your Instagram live will help you clear any doubts.  During a ‘Live’ broadcast, people will be able to send questions to their favorite brands, so you as a brand must exploit this. This is an exclusive feature which is generated via the Facebook-owned site. The current version of the questions sticker is a collection of ‘How-tos’ that may be posted on other users’ Stories. You’ll want to keep note of any queries your followers ask when they join. As this will increase audience engagement as you answer. To answer questions through the Live regularly will prove that you are attentive, so to do so, go to the bottom right corner of your screen. There is a question-mark symbol. You’ll be able to instantly view and react to your followers’ queries in this section as they go on posting. You can request users to prepare questions beforehand. Thus, before going live send out an alert and reminder for users to keep their questions ready.

3. Add a guest to your live

Another thing that you must do before you go live is to request a guest on live. This is when you Invite a visitor to feature in your live. This allows you to share the live video screen with someone. When you invite a visitor, basically an equally split screen will appear in the video. This will allow you and your guest to see each other. To do so, in the options feed, tap at the top or swipe right anywhere on the screen. Then scroll down to the bottom section to the word ‘Live’. Tap the bottom space, then tap the bottom again. This will lead you to the option. To invite someone, touch next to their username or you can even search for their username at the top, then hit Send. This will send an instant invite, using it they can join your live.

You can then market this guest on your posts before you go live. To make the most of this and gain more Instagram followers, invite a topic expert. You can pay them to feature on your page, this is as good as when you buy Instagram views. This is as their viewers and other interested audiences will be keen to join.

4. Plan your activities in advance

Before you go live, it is essential you have an agenda. Your agenda could be to gain more Instagram followers via marketing a specific product. Once you know this, focus your life on the product. You can pre plan a product demonstration and have a set up ready. Exactly this is the reason why you should make a video map or outline. It should be a detailed list that doesn’t skip any aspect.  Make a list of all the things you want to talk about in detail and discuss. It is best to even plan every moment and how much time you want to spend focusing on every aspect of the product you’re selling.

5. Prepare an interview beforehand

You could even conduct an interview with a thought leader or an area specific leader. If you do so, it is best to make a list of all the questions you want to address. It is also best to decide beforehand when you want to make introductions and if you are going to accept questions from the audience.

If you are successful at marketing through Instagram live, you will no longer need to buy Instagram views and you will automatically gain more Instagram followers. Engaging and developing a strong relationship with your audience, like any good relationship, requires time and effort. So be sure to honestly invest the same!

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