Do you love music? Oh, how naive of me, who does not? Anyone with two ears connected to a heart loves music or at least has some sort of appreciation for it; but, these are for normal people.

There is another category that strikes fear among people who likes music. They are called music fanatics and they roam the earth on their figurative music chariots, you can recognize them by their never-ending collection of band shirts, music-related tattoos and a set of earphones or headphones that never leaves their side.

But they are not special, maybe their love for music is, but when it comes to material possessions, there is a pattern that most music fanatics follow with their outfit choices.

We have taken the time to list out some of these items for you, just in case you are one of those rare species that does possess a huge amount of love for music yet, do not know how to express it.

1. Quality Earbuds

This one is quite obvious. It is highly essential for every music lover to have earbuds but, what is meant by quality earbuds is that your earbuds should make something as simple as listening to music on your way to work or school a unique and memorable experience.

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Earbuds vary from noise cancelling to noise reducing to wireless earbuds and so much more. However, finding the best type is a long topic that we should research thoroughly and until then, you can check out the following link for a list of the best durable earbuds you can buy today

2. Ticket stub scrapbook

Memories are an important part of music. Music lovers carry a unique appreciation for the music’s ability to create beautiful memories which is why you would often find them holding on to ticket stubs from concerts they have been to.

What you should do, though, is to keep a scrapbook instead of just throwing around the stubs in a drawer. On each page, you can stick your ticket stub and write some details about what happened in the event.

3. Headphones

A music lover knows that earbuds and headphones are totally different. Headphones deliver an unmatched listening experience since they are very effective in isolating the listener from their surroundings. A reputable audio site is a good place to look out for when shopping for a good quality headphone. A quick google will point you out on one.

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4. An app that can identify songs

Just in case they bump into a good song somewhere unexpected, a music fanatic need to be able to identify that song or it will drive them crazy. This is when apps like SoundHound and Shazam come in handy.

5. Vinyl Records

For old time’s sake. Vinyl records are a great way to pay homage to the musicians who made the music industry the way it is today. Not only does vinyl have a unique feel and sound to it, but it also tends to have a special value to it just because of the nostalgia that it holds. Many records that come out on vinyl are special editions or music that is quite rare to find, so it’s bound to tug at your heartstrings any time you play it.

Now that you know the basics of what to do in order to better express and document your love for music, go ahead and get creative with it. Don’t let the world miss out on the music fanatic living inside of you; release them from their cage.

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