If you’re a brand looking to employ social media promotions as part of your strategy for digital marketing, it’s time you learn an important truth. Being active online is a MUST! To be more specific, it’s something you NEED to do to achieve results, particularly success.

Since most people—from where you are and around the world—are spending an incredible amount of their waking time online, specifically in communities found on social media platforms, being present will make a HUGE difference. This will allow you to be felt and be seen, especially by the people you want to persuade and attract.

And when you get noticed, that’s when the magic happens! You get more foot traffic and interaction from your audience, which increases awareness of your brand, its influence, and more!

But if you’re one of those who dread creating and posting content on a regular basis, maybe these will help change your mind. Below, we’ll be providing you with some of the benefits that you’ll get from frequently posting or publishing content on social media—as proven by the top social media management agencies in the Philippines.

1. Improves Brand Awareness and Visibility

Aside from being present on social media, businesses should make an effort to get noticed. One of the most effective ways this can be done, apart from employing digital ads and campaigns, is to release posts and content on social media regularly.

The more you adhere to a fixed schedule of posting and publishing content on social media platforms, the better visibility you’ll get. And when people constantly come across you on their feed, they become more aware of your brand, which then leads to long-term recall.

2. Boosts Your SERP Rankings

On top of helping you with awareness and visibility, regular social media posting will help you climb Google’s search engine results page (SERP), the place where people often search for what they need and want when buying online.

By releasing posts regularly, you’ll dominate Google’s SERP and enable your page to rank higher. And the higher you rank, the more exposure you’ll get. This will result in increased visits and foot traffic to your website and social media page, which then translates into sales or followers.

3. Builds Loyalty

As you post content on your social media page, you create a connection with your target audience. You share not only valuable information with them but snippets of your brand, specifically the people behind it and aspects of your brand not often scene.

By doing so, you appear more relatable, authentic, and trustworthy. These qualities are what build you a loyal consumer base and are considered to be of utmost importance for existing consumers and potential buyers.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Since posting frequently on social media makes you more visible to users, the likelihood of them buying from you also increases. After all, social media posts not only provide value, but they also function as marketing materials that will help entice users to avail of the products and services that you have to offer.

The more noticeable you become on social media, the higher your chances of selling or garnering new followers and community members.

5. Maintains Audience Interest

Simply having a social media account for your brand won’t help draw the interest of your target audience and existing consumers. What you need to do is publish regular updates about your products, services, and offerings through posts. On top of that, you also need to provide useful information—that’s both visually appealing and relevant.

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According to recent studies on social media behavior, people’s ability to recall has significantly dipped in the last decade or so thanks to being bombarded with tons of information online. But through regular posting, you can counter this and stay on top of your audience’s mind.

6. Helps with Market Research

Did you know that you can also learn more about your target audience through regular posting? By regularly updating your page with new content, you gain insight into what users like and dislike.

Through post interaction, you get an idea of what kind of content users resonate with the best and those that they don’t. You can use this information to improve your content creation strategy, which will lead to better engagement.

Start Posting!

Now that you’ve been enlightened about the many benefits that regular posting on social media can provide your brand, it’s time that you make a change. Start posting content now and discover the full potential that social media has to offer, specifically when it comes to marketing and promotions.

Note: Social media is an effective tool for promotions, but that will depend on how you utilize it for your brand. It’s not enough that you have a page, you need to be present, active, and always there to listen!

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