Golf is one of the most popular hobbies and pastimes in the entire world. It is a game enjoyed indiscriminately, by both men and women of all ages. Previously, golf was considered to be a man’s sport – a middle-aged man’s sport to be particular – but in our progressive society, this stereotype has been quelled, and now everybody’s free to enjoy golf regardless of social standing, gender, or age. If you are an avid golfer, as we suspect you are by virtue of visiting this page, then this is the article for you.

In this article, we are going to present to you seven of the coolest golf gadgets that are not just cool, but that will improve your game and make you a better golfer. We hope that, with this page, you will become a better, more proficient, and more capable golfer.

Here are seven cool golf gadgets and accessories that you need.

GPS Watches and Devices

GPS watches and devices are a great asset to golfers. Finding the best GPS for golf should be one of your primary concerns if you are going to be heading back onto the course this coming summer. GPS watches and devices are incredibly useful – they can help you to make more effective plays and can help you to create coordinated and strategic games. GPS devices are used by golfers all across the world – they are infinitely useful and can be a great asset to your golfing kit.


Rangefinders are another very useful piece of equipment for golfers. They are used to check the distance between holes – they can be very useful if you are not very good at making estimations of distance on the range. Rangefinders can be, admittedly, somewhat expensive, though their cost is often well worth the service that they provide. Rangefinders are used by professional and hobbyist golfers – if you want a good piece of equipment that can prove to be very useful, then we recommend you give some thought to investing in a rangefinder for your next trip to the course.

Smart Putters

Smart putters are handy, albeit expensive, pieces of equipment that can help you to improve your game on the course. Smart putters will analyze the way that you putt them and will feed information back to your mobile phone on what you can improve and what you are doing wrong. They are very handy pieces of equipment, and in this author’s opinion, very much needed. Most golfers cannot putt – it is a simple fact. This is because they do not give practice or thought to putting and rather like to think about longshots. A smart putter is something that we think you should invest in!

Club Sensors

Club sensors are similar to our previously made suggestion, smart putters. They are interactive digital sensors that attach to your clubs. They analyze the data from each swing that you make and help you to improve your overall game. Golf club sensors are, we admit, very expensive, and very high-tech. If you prefer simpler accessories, then this might not be the accessory for you. If you are into tech, then they are worth a look in. Club sensors can help you to improve your swings dramatically – they are endorsed and used by some of the finest golfers in the world of professional golfing.

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Bag Speakers

Generally, a trip to the golf course is one of introspective reflection, peace, and respect. People do not tend to listen to music when on the golf course, simply because they do not want to ruin anybody else’s day. However, if you are on a course that is virtually abandoned, then you might want to listen to a bit of music – who could blame you? In this situation, we recommend an in-the-bag Bluetooth speaker that you can activate by voice. There are many of these available, designed specifically for golfers who like a bit of groove with their swing.

Training Nets

Training nets are fantastic accessories that you can practice with at home. Training nets can help you to become a better golfer and can improve your swing massively – though they can be expensive. Digital training nets are, without a doubt, the better option, though if you cannot afford one, a traditional training net should suffice.


A sunhat is a much-needed golfing accessory this summer. A slight deviation from our list of high-tech gadgets, yes, but a sunhat is something you absolutely need on the course. Do not forget to take yours this summer, lest you wind up burnt and blistered!

Golfing is a hobby that can be a lot of fun – it is also a great way to get outdoors. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you will come back and visit us again soon. Thank you for reading, folks. Happy golfing!

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