Some accessories are a must-have for every college girl. One simple piece makes a fashion statement and points out your preference. It is obvious that college girls don’t have a lot of money to splurge on an expensive accessory that is why our focus is on affordable yet classy pieces.

With Valentine Day just around the corner, wearing something chic is a great way to spice up your relationship. What’s even great about having timeless accessories is that they complement so many outfits and are suitable for attending class and doing off-campus fun activities. If you a college girl that still believes accessories are not that important, you have to change your mind.

A fashion accessory can easily upgrade a boring outfit and the wearer’s look. For instance, earrings are great for framing the shape and drawing attention to the facial features. Research further shows that college girls prefer to change accessories daily, depending on their outfit.  Additionally, wristwatches and earrings are the most preferred fashion accessories.

Say goodbye to outdated fashion and add some of the accessories that can be worn every day to ensure that in 2020 you are never caught looking unstylish.

Eye-Catching Bucket Bags

Although an essay writer can reduce your school workload, bucket bags are the new obsession in fashion. It’s popular and thriving. A functional bucket bag is essential for carrying all your books for the classes you’ll be attending that day. They are versatile, provide unobstructed access to all your items, and some are even made from a material that proves its lasting power.

The trick is to get a size big enough to meet your college needs. Apart from being stylish, what makes bucket bags a must-have for college girls is that most designs have a flat bottom that allows the bag to remain upright, preventing its contents from spilling out.

A Classy Wristwatch

A wristwatch is one cool fashion accessory that has been trending for over a century, and its popularity doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon. It is one of the few accessories that any college girl can pull off with ease.

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Some students wear high-end watches to show off their wealth status. For others, it’s a way to make a fashion statement while a few still use it to know time. Regardless of its function in your life, watches come in so many designs from a skeleton to chunky ones decorated with precious stones. Besides, while a phone can run out of charge, a wristwatch will work continuously for years.

Trendy Crossbody Bag

While in college, you’ll attend fun parties, make frequent visits to the mall, and even go for a date. For all these events, you need a simple small bag that can easily carry your personal belongings such as ID, lipstick, mascara, phone, and a handkerchief. That’s where a crossbody bag comes in.

These types of bags are stylish, practical, and have a feminine effect that is hard to ignore. They are also convenient for college girls who are always on the go. A simple animal print or a bold pattern is enough to transform your whole look in an instant.

Cool Sunglasses

Fashionable sunglasses are a girl’s best friend for protecting the eyes against sun light. They also make anyone look trendy and flawless. The trick to looking like a fashion pro is to wear shapes that complement your facial features.

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Gorgeous Scarf

Who says it needs to be winter before a college girl can wear a stunning scarf? This fashion accessory comes in so many designs that you even use those with light material as a headscarf. Depending on your mood, try experimenting with beautiful feminine prints that also add color to your whole outfit. That way, you can pair the scarf with everyday wear such as jeans and a t-shirt. What’s to love about scarves is that they don’t occupy a lot of space, which is ideal for college girls living in a dorm room.

Dazzling Earrings

If you are the type of college girl that loves to make a fashion statement with small accessories, then earrings, especially small loops or studs, will meet your needs. With glamorous earrings, you have the chance to transform your look into an iconic style.

College is a great time for a girl to experiment with fashion accessories and find those that make you look flawless. You don’t even need a lot of money to buy a glamorous accessory, most of them are affordable and will ensure that you get through your school year in style.

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