AMD recently opened their very first concept store in the Philippines. It is the first in Asia and will probably be the only one until the end of the year. 

The AMD concept store is located at the SM North EDSA. More specifically, at the 3rd floor of the mall’s annex just below the SM Cyberzone. Retail partner Silicon Valley made it possible to launch the store, stating that they want the average consumers to experience what AMD has to offer.

AMD Concept Store Post (2)

The store is not that huge nor small, yet it maintained a striking balance of desktop and mobile systems. That’s even with a centerpiece to match. During the launch event, the store has yet to feature any AMD components. A shame yes, but we’ve heard that they are on their way – or rather, should be already on display as you read this. I heard that once in stock, the AMD Ryzen, Radeon and Vega components will have their own demo rigs to check out.

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There are abundant selection of pre-built desktops and mobile systems at the store. These systems are displayed according to their sub categories and pricing so it’s easy to check what’s in or not based on your budget and requirements.

AMD Concept Store Post (4)

Silicon Valley also had promotions at launch. That includes a free personal subscription of Office 365 for any purchase of their AMD powered notebooks. That’s a 2000 Peso value software.

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According to Silicon Valley, the AMD Concept Store is not just aimed at consumers wanting to experience AMD systems, but to also show off how practical it is to own one or maybe even two. A statement that sounds true enough on this age of mobiles and tablets.

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