A3 Still Alive is the best role-playing android game which is developed by the Netmarble. This game is currently not available in the Google Play Store. It will be released in Google Play Store soon. Many android game lovers are waiting for this game. It is a battle based game and has many battle modes like soul, guilds, and others. There are many environments in this game like a forest, snowfall, and deserts, etc. In this game, you can choose your favorite players. There is also an option for voice chat is available in this game.

A3 Still Alive will officially be released on 10th November. It will be released worldwide. Players from all over the world can play A3 Still Alive on PC and their android devices. The high and mid-range android devices can support this game but the android devices with low range may not support this game. The character name reservation event will be organized before November 10. All the players can not participate in this event because there will be ten thousand players in this event. Players from all over the world can participate in this event.

LDPlayer A3 Still Alive GP 2

It is very easy to register for this event. You can easily register yourself for this event. Just visit the official website and fillup the updated details and you can get a chance to participate in this event. The lucky players got entry and bonus.

LDPlayer A3 Still Alive GP 3

There will be the best gameplay of this game. It will be a handsome game because of worldwide mobile RGP. In this game, there will be a sole adventure feature. By using this feature the players can get chances to play with the best characters of five classes. The Battle Royale is also available in this game and it will be in the PVP. A pet is also available in this game. The pet supports the players during battle.

Top emulators to play game on PC

Android games are increasing day by day. Everyday many android games are releasing in the market. Smartphone users like games. They play games on their smartphone and enjoy them but they are worried because there are some issues to play these games on android mobile. They may be dangerous for smartphones, which might cause some other issues. Therefore many game lovers want to play games on PC. But they do not know the procedure of playing android games on PC.

In the market there are many android emulators are available to run android games on PC. All of them have different features. Every emulator has its own benefits. But there are top 3 android emulators are being used nowadays. These emulators are BlueStacks, MemuPlay, and LDPlayer.


BlueStacks is an android emulator used to run the android games on laptops and PC. It has many beneficial features. There is a real-time translater in which the users can play the game in their local languages. It has a feature of record and replay. So the users can record the best scene of their game. There are multi instances in this emulator. So it optimizes the PC. There are also many smart controllers in the BlueStacks. The rerolling feature is also available in this emulator. So it is the best android emulator of android games.

Memu Play

Memu Play is also an android emulator. It has the same function as other android emulators. Memu Play has many features. It has the best UI design for a better user experience. It has a simple setting interface and easily managed. The upgraded core-engine of Memu Play optimizes all the games’ speed. It has also multi instances and efficiency managed for these multi instances. The graphics of this android emulator are also good.


We have compared the top android emulators, LDPlayer is at the top of this list. LDPlayer is used for PC gaming. It is a unique android emulator with useful features. This android emulator has many beneficial features that make the LDPlayer the famous android emulator. LDPlayer is preferred due to its top features. This android emulator has so good features that all PC games lovers use this emulator. The best and unique features of LDPlayer are:

  1. LDPlayer has its store for android games, this store is known as LD store.
  2. The interface of LDPlayer is very simple and user friendly.
  3. LDPlayer has a unique feature that it supports many game controllers.
  4. LDPlayer has the best and 3D graphics and it has also a wallpaper customization feature.
  5. LDPlayer has many beneficial sittings.

Among all the above android emulators the LDPlayer is the best android emulator and has many unique features. We recommend LDPlayer for PC gaming.

LDPlayer A3 Still Alive GP 4

How to download LDPlayer?

In the above paragraph, we have discussed the best features of the android emulator LDPlayer. Now probably every game lover is thinking that how to download and install this best android emulator. It is very easy and simple to download and install this app. Just follow the steps carefully and download this app.

  1. To download LDPlayer it is must that your system specification meets the requirements of the LDPlayer. So it is mandatory to check the system specification before downloading.
  2. If your system meets the requirements then you have to visit the website of LDPlayer.
  3. Here you find two versions of LDPlayer.
  4. Tap on your desired version to download.
  5. It will be downloaded in a little time.
  6. Install the application and download games.
  7. Enjoy the games on your PC by using this emulator.

LDPlayer A3 Still Alive GP 5


In this article, we have discussed the introduction and some details of the A3 Still Alive android game. We have discussed the method to play this game on PC. In this article, the Top 3 android emulators are discussed in detail. These emulators are BlueStacks, MemuPlay, and LDPlayer. We discussed the details of each emulator. We explained their features and benefits. We compared these emulators with each other and found that the LDPlayer android emulator is the best emulator among them. This article completely discussed the LDPlayer, its introduction, and its useful features. This article also contains the guide for downloading the LDPlayer android emulator. This article refers to the game lovers to use LDPlayer for PC gaming.

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