ADATA XPG Demos the Precog Studio at Computex 2024. This is a balanced closed-back gaming headset, featuring a 4.4 mm connector – crucial for providing total channel separation and stronger signal output.

One of the standout features of the Precog Studio gaming headset is its balanced design, utilizing a 4.4 mm connector. This allows the headset to accept balanced output which is important for reducing crosstalk, distortion and noise on top of improving power output. You’d see this kind of connection from Hi-Fi and studio grade headphones.

adata xpg demos precog studio balanced headset 2

The Precog Studio also comes equipped with its own USB-C Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) featuring an ESS audio chipset. It accepts a 4.4 mm output jack, along with a 3.5 mm input jack for the omni-directional microphone. ESS audio chipsets are renowned for their high-performance audio processing capabilities, delivering crystal-clear sound and precise audio reproduction. This particular ESS chip offers 32-bits/96 kHz playback.

adata xpg demos precog studio balanced headset 1

At the heart of this headset are its large 50mm drivers. These drivers are designed to produce a powerful output – about 101 dB based on ADATA’s measurements.

Regarding customization, ADATA XPG provides a swappable magnetic cup cover. We inquired whether ADATA would make its 3D model available to the public, and they responded that they are considering it to allow for greater customization possibilities.

No other information has been provided though, along with the pricing nor its availability.

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