Could Be A Dual RX 480 GPU or a GDDR5X Variant

AMD kept their mouths shut whenever someone asks about the RX 490’s release date or if there is such a thing. Now it seems that someone at AMD didn’t get the memo, or made a mistake by listing the AMD Radeon RX 490 on one of their gaming promotions at The card, along with  the Radeon RX 480 has been removed since the leak, or mistake.


Now AMD said that the full Polaris 10 silicon is already the Radeon RX 480. This means that the RX 480 is the flagship Polaris 10 based graphics. This is interesting enough if we will take the leak into consideration. If the leak is true, then we might see a Dual GPU based card with two RX 480’s GPUs inside, or an RX 480 with a GDDR5X memory configuration. It could also be a mix of both with a Dual RX 480 GPU plus a GDDR5X memory configuration on a single PCB. Either way, both configs falls in smoothly with AMD’s statements that the RX 480 is the highest end Polaris 10 silicon.

AMD Radeon RX 490 Leaks News

These are just speculations on my end, and will heavily depend whether the leak is indeed a leak and is not a typographical mistake. Heck, I’m not even sure if we are being played here, since it’s easy enough to play with the HTML elements on the fly. That said, take this news lightly with a healthy amount of salt.

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