AMD via their knowledgebase article number PA-400, announces that they have already addressed the performance issues reported to impact the performance of a Windows 11 system using AMD processors. These issues were reported with Windows 11 build 22000.194. Learn more about it here.

The updates are as follows:

  • Microsoft released a software update which addresses the L3 cache latency issue. The download can be obtained from Microsoft KB 5006476 beginning today, October 21.
  • AMD Chipset Driver version addressing the UEFI CPPC2 issue is available beginning today, October 21.

To recap, there was an issue with the AMD processor’s L3 cache, increasing latency. This affects applications sensitive to the memory and access time may be impacted. Estimated performance impact is around <3-5% in affected applications, with possible outliers in some games.

The latest one was with the UEFI where applications may not preferentially schedule threads on the processor’s fastest core. Applications sensitive to the performance of one or a few CPU threads may exhibit reduced performance.

Performance impact may be more detectable in >8-core processors with above 65W TDP according to AMD.

The fixes are now available via Windows Update (Issue #1 and #2) and AMD’s website for the latest chipset driver (Issue #2).

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