AMD Ushers In A New Graphics Driver Era

AMD is dedicated to turn the tides of graphics driver development with their Radeon Crimson Driver’s stable releases, and customer satisfactory levels reaching all time high. Since November of last year, AMD has been keen on improving their releases with over 100 fixes in a span of months based on their end user’s inputs.

AMD Radeon Crimson Q1 2016 PR (1)

7 Radeon Crimson Drivers has been released since the start of 2016, with 3 of those receiving WHQL certification. Together with 10 games optimized for better performance and quality, with performance increase from 12 – 60% based on the recently released titles, we can see that AMD never wished to go back to the days where they have to chase the tail of their competitor.

AMD Radeon Crimson Q1 2016 PR (2)

Optimization and stability are not the only thing that AMD is determined at, as the company pushes new features and support for VR, emerging APIs, and new products such as the AMD XConnect based devices. Let us not forget that the Radeon Crimson Drivers also aims to fill the gap between AMD and Nvidia, by providing per-game resolution scaling, better EyeFinity support, Frame Rate Target Control for better efficiency, and many more.

AMD Radeon Crimson Q1 2016 PR (3)

With the release of the next generation graphics at bay, we are excited to see what the Radeon Crimson will offer for the next generation titles specially made for DirectX 12 and emerging APIs. We’ve seen a slew of titles for DirectX 12 already, but their performance together with AMD’s Polaris GPUs are still hidden in the shrouds. With the commitment from AMD thus far, we can only wait.

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