AMD To compete with Intel’s HEDT Platform and Server CPUs

During AMD’s Financial & Analyst Day, the company confirms the development of the 16-Core Threadripper CPU. It has been officially been shown at the event and will feature 32-Threads. That’s 16-Cores with 32 logical threads.

Intel is preparing their Core-i9 line-up for the HEDT platform and the Threadripper CPU is most likely its competitor. COMPUTEX is just around the corner, so we might see both products at the tech demos within the week long event.

AMD also teases the Epyc CPU, which is a SoC server class CPU built to compete at the x86 server market. The Epyc CPU has been demoed versus the Intel E5-2699A V4 CPU in a dual socket configuration. The dual AMD Epyc CPU compiles a Linux based code at 15.7 seconds, while the Intel E5-2699A V4 completes it at 22.5 seconds. Later, AMD demos a single Epyc CPU versus an Intel E5-2650 v4 in dual socket config. The Epyc compiled the code at 33.7 seconds while the Intel E5 CPU took about 37.2 seconds to compile the code.

AMD Threadripper Epyc News 1

AMD is positioning the Threadripper CPU for productivity and professionals, while Epyc is positioned for the server market. It goes to show that AMD is fighting Intel’s long held territory and we cannot wait to see more figures about these CPUs.

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