One year ago, AMD brought together a global ecosystem of partners and customers to make a simple and powerful declaration – competition (and choice) is returning to the datacenter.

The agent for that change was the launch of the AMD EPYC 7000 series high-performance server processor. Today we’re taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate the momentum that’s driven AMD EPYC through its first year of disrupting the status quo. From being the industry’s first no compromise one-socket server processor to shaking up the two-socket processing options at the heart of the market, customers and partners have embraced AMD EPYC and it shows.

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the most notable AMD EPYC momentum moments to date. Plus, check out for additional content and insights on the first year.

Highlights: A Year of AMD EPYC Momentum:

  • June ‘17: The AMD EPYC 7000 series processor launched
  • August ‘17: Tencent and make AMD EPYC datacenter commitments
  • November ‘17: The AMD EPYC-based HPE Gen10 DL-385 set world records in both SPECrate2017_fp_base and SPECfp_rate2006
  • December ‘17: Microsoft Azure became the first global cloud customer of AMD EPYC and Baidu announced the immediate availability of AMD EPYC processors in its ABC systems
  • February ‘18: Dell EMC launched single- and dual-socket solutions with the PowerEdge R6415, R7415 and R7425
  • April ‘18: Cray integrated AMD EPYC processors in its new CS500 product line
  • June ‘18: Cisco, HPE, and Tencent expanded AMD EPYC-based offerings
  • June ‘18: At COMPUTEX, Lisa Su provided a peek into the next-generation 7nm AMD EPYC processor, codenamed “Rome,” currently running in AMD labs

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