Looking to upgrade the performance of your aging AMD FX platform? Well you are in luck, as AMD just released the FX-6330 Black Edition micro-processor featuring a 3.6 GHz Base Clock and a 4.2 GHz Boost Clock to seal the deal at 109.99 USD or at around 5, 000 Pesos – the same MSRP set by AMD to the FX-6300 a couple of years ago.

The processor isn’t much different to the FX-6300, since it features the same 6 MB L2 Cache, 8 MB L3 Cache, same memory support, and TDP. What changed though is the additional 100 MHz boost in the frequency, plus the addition of an improved AMD stock cooler (S3.0) with an extra 24% surface area, and 34% higher air volume at a rated 39 dB noise output which is kinda nice and makes up for the CPU’s lack of extra features.

AMD FX 6330 Black Edition CPU News (5)

AMD FX 6330 Black Edition CPU News (1)

The Intel Core i3-4160, which sits at the same price range, is actually slower on the benchmarks made by PCPOP particularly on multi-threaded applications and games. Overclocking is another level though as we all know that AMD’s FX line are built to be pushed to the limits. We are expecting the FX-6330 Black Edition CPUs to be available in the next couple of months in the Philippines, and with new AM3+ motherboards from GIGABYTE & MSI, things are going to be a little sweeter for the old gen’s comeback.

AMD FX 6330 Black Edition CPU News (2)

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