AMD announced availability of its cutting-edge spatial upscaling solution, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). AMD FSR is an open-source, cross-platform technology designed to boost framerates and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences.

More than 40 game developers announced support for FSR in their games and/or game engines, and today seven games are adding support for FSR – 22 Racing Series, Anno 1800, Evil Genius 2, Godfall, Kingshunt, Terminator: Resistance and The Riftbreaker – with more expected by the end of this year, including DOTA 2, Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village.

Offering broad support on more than 100 AMD processors and GPUs, FSR delivers 2.4X higher performance on average in “Performance” mode at 4K across select titles compared to native resolution. The spatial upscaling technology utilizes an advanced edge reconstruction algorithm to analyze features in the source image and recreate them at a higher target resolution, followed by a sharpening pass to further improve quality by enhancing texture details. The result is an image with super high-quality edges and distinctive pixel detail when compared to basic upscaling methods.

AMD FSR offers four quality settings – Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced and Performance – allowing gamers to adjust the balance between image quality and performance based on their preferences, providing high-performance, visually stunning gaming experiences for even the most demanding visual features, including raytracing. In Ultra Quality mode, FSR image quality is almost indistinguishable from the target native resolution.

AMD Radeon FSR Available PR 1

A Scalable, Open-Source Upscaling Solution

Designed for easy integration into new and existing titles, AMD FSR is supported on DirectX® 11, 12 and Vulkan® APIs. Supporting a wide range of APUs and graphics hardware, FSR is optimized for AMD Radeon™ RX 5000 and Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics, including mobile graphics, and is also supported on AMD Radeon RX 500 Series graphics, Radeon RX 480/470/460 graphics, Radeon RX Vega Series graphics, all AMD Ryzen Processors with Radeon graphics, as well on a variety of competitor graphics products.

AMD FSR is expected to be broadly available to game developers in mid-July 2021 as a free download on AMD GPUOpen, the open-source community that provides code, documentation and resources to help developers get the most out of programming on GPUs.

Studio and Game Support

AMD FSR was built in close collaboration with leading studios and game developers. More than 40 developers have pledged to support and integrate FSR into their top titles and game engines, with more expected to sign on by the end of the year and beyond.

 More information about AMD FSR, including a comprehensive list of supporting developers and titles, can be found here.

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