AMD’s Kaveri APUs already made a land fall in the country, touting the Radeon R7 series GPU cores inside them as a part of the whole Heterogeneous System Architecture. Now it would be natural for the APUs to support AMD Radeon’s full line-up of the R7 family but reports shows otherwise.

AMD Kaveri APU Dual Graphics Performance

You see, the top of the line Kaveri A10-7850K APU has a GPU core that is similar to that of the R7 260X. With that said, it should be compatible with the discrete R7 260X, but AMD says that the flagship Kaveri APUs are bound to the lower end R7 240 and 250 alone regardless of GDDR technology.

This is pretty um, underwhelming, since we are expecting the said flagship chips to support higher-end, or midrange Dual GPU configurations. We just hope that AMD will address this in the near future. Scores with the R7 240 aren’t bad though.

Source: Ocaholic

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