According to rumors, AMD is close to unveiling the smallest member of the Radeon Fury family – the Fury Nano. With such proximity to the launch, numerous sites have already leaked some pictures, as well as some performance figures of the said card.

The Fury Nano is as the name suggests, a small card to begin with – measuring at around 6 Inches in length and is perfectly suitable for SFF gaming systems. With a single 8-pin PEG power connector, the card should be able to draw 150W from it alone, with an extra 75W from the PCI slot power – amounting to no more than 225W of total power draw. Of course, the card should never hit that power ceiling, as it is speculated to go head to head with the GTX 970 with its 175W TDP.

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The reference card is jet black, with a single intake fan (92mm?) to cool the system down. The Radeon logo is clearly lit in bright Red, and looks professional. I personally like this design.

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The back is devoid of any backplate, but is still a busy sight with ICs and PCB traces. Sure, the lack of plate on a 300+ USD card is a bit disappointing, but to be honest there’s actually no need for it due to the size that doesn’t need extra support to keep it from sagging.

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Though the cooling solution is small, AMD spared no dollah with a proper copper pipe & dense heat-fin array to cool off the HBM equipped card. The VRM appears to be passively cooled by a thick metal plate.

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Performance wise, take it as a grain of salt, but it appears that the Radeon Fury Nano is a bit more powerful than the R9 290X / 390X if that’s the Hawaii card on the charts. This really pits up the card at close distance with the GTX 970 especially with its  1.9x better performance per watt (PpW) score over the Hawaii based card.

There are rumors that AMD is going to released the card by August 27th 2015, and it’s just a matter of time to test if the rumors were indeed found true.

Source: PCPerspective, Hexus

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