Radeon Technology Group Is Going Stronger

Apologies for the late announcement, but if you haven’t heard it yet – AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group celebrated its first anniversary this month. Symbolizing the group’s success from its inception until this day. AMD is now looking strong with RTG’s help – allowing them to regain an 11% market share year to year.


In just the past year, RTG has brought AMD back to its graphics roots and taken back market share by focusing on the everyman. Both Mercury Research and JPR point to market share gains by AMD over the last year, with JPR showing an 11% year-over-year gain.

The Radeon Technologies Group revitalized AMD’s market share with the release of the Radeon RX 400 series for the gamers, together with the Radeon Pro WX, and the 1TB Radeon PRO SSG for the professional graphics. VR gaming is where the heart of the RTG is at, and with that as a focus, they’ve made the very first 14nm GPU capable of handling VR workload at a mainstream price. The Radeon PRO series aims to amplify VR development as well, with over 10 Million professional content creators and designers being the target of these newly announced GPUs. Mercury also reported that AMD received as much as 30.5% discrete GPU market share gain since the Q4 of 2015 until Q2 of 2016. That is from 26.2% of this year compared to this year’s 34.2%.


RTG also improved AMD’s graphics drivers with the release of the AMD Wattman, and its parent software – the Radeon Crimson Driver Suite. It’s a good call from AMD to overhaul their driver and graphics software platform I must say, and it’s paying off quite nice. It really is incomparable to the old suite.


The AMD FreeSync technology also saw a huge boost with over 100 models readily available at the market. Together with titles utilizing the DirectX 12 and Vulkan API, AMD is able to extend their reach. Offering hardware and software level features that matters. As a gamer, this news should brighten up your day – even if you prefer the green team’s offerings. After all, competition at its core allows us to broaden our selection, both in hardware and software, and in turn lowers the price point. The AMD Radeon Technologies Group is heading to the right direction, and they have more in store for the future.