AMD just released the Godavari based APU, aptly named as the A10-7870K with 12 cores, a combination of 4 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores. ​​The AMD A10-7870K APU, according to AMD, should deliver a best-in-class experience for eSports and online gaming with superior performance, best-in-class efficiency in DirectX® 12.2, and unique features, which should be tested when Windows 10 arrives.

At 137 USD, or around 6, 000 Pesos, AMD is aggressive to take on the usual upgrade path of budget oriented gamers, able to outmatch a system with an Intel Core i3-4360 and an Nvidia GT 740 inside.

AMD 10-7870K PR (1)

Of course, you still need a better memory kit, somewhat around the lines of a 2400 MHz maybe, for the APU to unleash its full performance. AMD said that performance could be doubled by just upgrading from a 1600MHz kit to a 2400MHz kit. Now is also the best time to buy a new pair of DIMMs since this month saw a huge price drop on memory, which is a heaven sent after 2 years of excruciating high street value.

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To learn more about the A10-7870K, read the full PR below:

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today introduced the latest addition to its line of desktop A-Series processors, the A10-7870K APU, a refresh to the existing line of processors codenamed “Kaveri”. The​​A10-7870K delivers a best-in-class experience for eSports and online gaming with superior performance, best-in-class efficiency in DirectX® 12.2, and unique features. The new processor also delivers exceptional performance in modern workloads and is designed for the future with Microsoft Windows® 10.

The latest iteration of the popular and powerful AMD A-Series APU family provides premium performance and multitasking powered by up to 12 compute cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU).* The responsiveness and processing power of the A10-7870K APU enables an immersive user experience on Windows® 10 PCs while offering an easy path for PC builders looking to upgrade to discrete-level graphics and faster processing at an afforadable price. The A10-7870K APU is available at e-tail now at a suggested price (SEP) of US $137, and through participating system builders.

Best eSports and Online Gaming Experience

The AMD A10-7870K represents the best single-processor solution for online and eSports gaming, delivering best-in-class gaming performance – up to 48 percent higher frame rates in the most popular online games vs. higher priced solutions made up of a CPU and GPU1 – and more than 3x greater efficiency in DirectX® 12 than competing solutions. Gamers can enjoy 1080p gaming on some of the world’s most popular games with the settings cranked up, and benefit from unique features only available on AMD A-Series processors to improve the gaming experience. Unique features include Virtual Screen Resolution (VSR) for improved image quality when gaming at lower resolutions, and AMD FreeSync™ for effortlessly smooth gameplay on FreeSync-compatible displays, bringing the high-end gaming PC experience to the mainstream PC.

Be ready for the future with support for multi-threaded APIs including DirectX 12, Vulkan™ and Mantle that enable advanced gaming technologies to improve performance and visual fidelity, including asymmetric rendering pairing with an AMD Radeon™ R7 or R9 GPU to support DirectX 12 multi-adapter and multi-engine features. AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture is designed to push the boundaries of gaming, providing eSports gamers with higher resolutions and outstanding image quality for an improved visual experience.

Experience-enhancing features such as AMD Quick Stream and AMD Eyefinity4 combine to deliver more realism and greater fields of view in supported games. Revolutionary Architecture for Today’s Modern Workloads. The AMD A10-7870K APU features 12 compute cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU)*, up to 4.1 GHz CPU clock and 95W TDP for exceptional performance on today’s modern workloads, and up to 5 percent faster system performance versus a competitive processor. Enjoy a premium Windows® 10 experience with the AMD A10-7870K APU. The new processor is designed to deliver a phenomenal Windows® 10 experience enabling the latest Windows® 10 features.

Designed to push not only the boundaries of DirectX® 11 and DirectX® 12 gaming, the Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture is also specifically engineered for general computing and GPU-aware programming languages like C++ AMP and OpenCL™ 2.0. The A10-7870K supports Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) features hUMA and hQ which allow the CPU and GPU to work together in supported applications by quickly dividing and directing the right tasks toward the appropriate cores for new levels of performance and efficiency in consumer and commercial PCs.

Easy Upgrades

The AMD A10-7870K APU is supported by the existing AMD socket FM2+ motherboard ecosystem making it simple to upgrade to the new processor. Supports latest PCI Express® 3.0 Graphics Cards to enable performance gaming at Ultra HD resolutions.

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