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AMD is proud to reveal the fruit of their labor with the reveal of the AMD Radeon Software: Crimson Edition – It is a software that is aimed to replace the AMD Catalyst Control Center by the end of the year and is currently on testing phase. The AMD Crimson is a software suite from the newly formed Radeon Technologies Group under the leadership of graphics industry veteran, Raja Koduri.

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This means we will be retiring AMD Catalyst. This marks the end of an era, and the beginning of a new age of immersive computing where we will be surrounded by billions of brilliant pixels that enhance our daily lives in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. The new era starts on November 2nd when we will introduce Radeon Software: Crimson Edition.

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Say good bye to the Catalyst, as it will be absorbed by the Crimson Software Suite and will be renamed as “Radeon/FirePro Settings” for the better. The Crimson isn’t just going to rename the old to the new, as the suite will function like a mini-OS for your AMD Radeon Graphics which is aimed to deliver stability, DirectX 12 compatibility, and Virtual Reality to your system seamlessly – Overhaul is a fitting word. Below are the new features added:

  • Game Manager
  • Video Quality presets
  • Social Media integration
  • Simplified Eyefinity setup
  • System notifications tab

The AMD Crimson will also feature an on-board overclocking tool with profiling for ease of use. We’ve seen the Catalyst Control Center with the same feature but this one looks more user friendly, has additional functions, and is overall sleeker than the older one.

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The AMD Radeon Software: Crimson Edition is slated to launch this end of the year and will be available to be downloaded for free (of course). Operation System Requirements are still vague but it will be fully compatible with Windows 10 and should be available by the next driver release of AMD. More news about Crimson will be revealed soon by AMD. For more info, you could watch the video below:


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