AMD’s upcoming Zen Micro-architecture sure is something that we need to look forward to this 2016, featuring FinFET manufacturing process that aims to deliver huge power savings and better performance. Of course, heat will still be an issue and that’s where the code name Wraith CPU Cooler comes in.

Noted as “far quieter than its predecessor” – the AMD Wraith is centered around its larger active fan which is truly silent based on AMD’s demonstration. Along with it comes a copper-pipe equipped sink that could dissipate heat efficiently even from a 125W processor. To make things a little fancier, AMD included a LED lit logo on its side which is a nice touch.

The cooler is a major step-up from AMD’s old stock coolers, and there’s a rumor that it will be bundled with AMD’s ZEN, and there’s a huge chance that it will be if ZEN proved to be a family of CPUs with lower than 125W of TDP. Not much has been divulged to the public yet about the Wraith.

AMD Wraith CPU Cooler CES (2)

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