Capella Curve Wireless Stereo Speaker Review

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Andromedia is a fairly new audio and power solutions provider in the market. They are so new, if you search them on search engines at the moment, you wont find their homepage easily. That aside, Andromedia is already filling up their portfolio with products ranging from wireless headsets, speakers, speaker stands, and even power banks. Andromedia sure is trying to please everyone in the mobile crowd.

Now what we have here is the second installation of Andromedia products that the good company sent us, the Curve Mini. This product is aimed to alleviate common problems when using their smart mobile devices as an entertainment hub. Such problems like the added strain while watching movies, mediocre sound output from earphones and mobile phone speakers, and the perils of talking while driving via phone are the issues it wishes to solve. In addition, the Curve Mini is a wireless Bluetooth device, with 600 mAh of juice and could be paired via NFC. This nifty device have found its way on our labs just recently and have been tested to its paces for over a week. Let us check out how useful it really is, shall we?


Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (4)


The Curve Mini came in a familiar Black & Yellow themed packaging, the usual color combinations used by Andromedia on all of their products. Up front, we’ve got a huge image of the product itself, and some information about its notable features.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (2)

The back is clean and simple with specification sheets and other niceties you’ll commonly found on other packagings.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (3)

the Curve Mini came with a small user’s manual, along with a mini USB to standard USB charging cable and a 3.5mm auxillary cable for voice input and output should you need to use the speaker with a phone that lacks wireless connectivity. Nothing more, nothing less. Andromedia kept things simple.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (5)


The Andromedia Curve Mini is an incredibly well built, horseshoe shaped speaker and stand. It is available in different colors but we had the classic Andromedia theme which is Black & Yellow. It actually looks like a neck cooler seen on Science Mags of the yesteryears which is actually a nostalgic experience.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (6)

There are actually 4 speakers working in stereo mode. Two larger ones meshed at the front, and another two at the back of the said speakers directionally pushing the sound side ways via vents. According to the specifications, they could output a total of 4W of power.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (9)

The Andromedia Curve Mini is foldable, and could be stored inside a pouch. The band is made out of durable plastic, yet it is reinforced with metal for extra durability. This is a well build speaker and stand. Like a tank.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (7)

The Andromedia Curve Mini is not just a simple speaker and a headphone stand, as it also feature NFC connectivity that should pair your NFC capable device to it within seconds. All of the input and output options found on the Curve Mini are located on this side. That includes the on/off switch, the 3.5mm auxiliary jack, mini USB port for charging, the on-board mic, and the activity LED.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (8)

The Curve Mini is able to support smartphones up to 5.5 Inches in length and could be adjusted in height via the rubberized clamps. maximum supported width of the device is half an inch so there is no need to worry.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (10)

The shape and size of the Curve Mini enables itself to be placed or hanged almost everywhere be it your neck, a door knob, a frame hook, or even a wire. Travellers and hikers will love this one as they could wrap it around the neck, and could be hooked to a near branch to attract predators. lol just kidding. But they could, actually, attract predators in the wild. Chances are remote though.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (14)


Audio stuffs such as speakers, headsets, headphones, earphones, IEMs, and pretty much whatever they are as long as they produce audio output, are very subjective to be tested. That is true, in a sense that no pair of ears are the same, and there is a lot happening between you, and the headset for example. That said, your experience will most likely differ from ours.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (12)

We start the testing after we burn-in or wear-in the drivers. Usually, 48-72 Hours of continuous burn-in will do for most. This is to ensure that the audio solution is already delivering what an end user would actually experience in the long run. As for the audio setup, we are going to pair the Curve Mini with a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless sonic performance and a 3.5mm jack to the PC for the maximum sonic performance.

To pair the G1 to your existing device, all you need to do is to power it up, and have your phone configured in wireless device search mode. Swift, and no frills configuration.


At first, I wasn’t really hoping for a superb aural experience with the Curve Mini as such device should cater basic audio needs while staying true to its major features by provide better  experience compared to the norm. With that said, the Curve Mini is actually a pleasant surprise let alone knowing the fact that it is a sub 50 Buck product.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (11)

Lower-end, or should I say the bass is a little loose on this one, yet it is enjoyable nonetheless. Do note that you have to place it flat on a desk for a better low-end experience. Otherwise, it’ll sound thin. Mid-range is decent, particularly with the vocals so there’s nothing to complain here. Top-end however, is controlled, somewhat rolled for my taste so you wont get enough detail around this range. Still a decent proposal from Andromedia if you’ll ask me.

Andromedia Curve Mini Speaker Stand (13)

As far as functionality goes, this is a category where I find the Curve Mini to excel the most. Once paired with a phone or anything capable, there is nothing to stop the Curve Mini to become a versatile audio solution. Range is good, so you could just place it anywhere permitted. In addition, the Curve Mini’s battery, even though just rated at 600mAh, below your average smartphone’s capacity, is surprisingly good and will last up to 8 hours depending on your needs. Charge time is around 2 hours max so you’ll be able to hit the road in no time.

Perhaps the only downside of the Curve Mini is the added mic. Though it’s functional, you’ll be hardly audible when someone on the other line starts to speak to you while you’re not finished yet. This is due to the speakers that will surely mask your voice when someone on the other line is speaking so bear that in mind.

All in all, the Andromedia Curve Mini is a product worth to check out. It is functional, built like a tank, and is a great addition to everyone who loves to add a good amount of audio immersion to their daily lives. Best part is, it retails for around 40 USD internationally, or around 3, 499 Pesos should it hit the Philippines.










Andromedia Curve Mini

  • PERFORMANCE - 7/10


  • BUILD QUALITY - 8/10


  • FEATURES - 8/10


  • AESTHETICS - 7/10


  • VALUE - 8/10




All in all, the Andromedia Curve Mini is a product worth to check out. It is functional, built like a tank, and is a great addition to everyone who loves to add a good amount of audio immersion to their daily lives. Best part is, it retails for around 40 USD internationally, or around 3, 499 Pesos should it hit the Philippines.

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