AOC G2590PX selected as the official event monitor for global esports tournament

In the world of competitive gaming, it doesn’t get much bigger than the IeSF’s Esports World Championship – an annual tournament attracting pro teams from across the globe for an almighty eSports showdown.

Welcoming the best gamers in the world, naturally these players demand the best. No compromises will be accepted – especially when it comes to picture quality.

AOC IeSF 2018 PR (4)

And at this year’s event in Taiwan award-winning monitor manufactures AOC were proud to unveil the new G2590PX – a 24.5 inch, Full HD display selected by organizers as the official event monitor for the Esports World Championship 2018. The ultimate stamp of approval.

The competition of a lifetime

Founded with the noble goal of establishing esports as a serious, recognized, competitive sport, the International Esports Federation (IeSF) celebrated its milestone tenth anniversary in 2018.

AOC IeSF 2018 PR (2)

During the past decade IeSF has signed up 48 official member states, each of which are invited to compete in the flagship Esports World Championship – one of the most prestigious competitive gaming tournaments on the planet.

The competition’s landmark tenth edition was hosted in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on November 9-11, with teams from 37 different nations competing for US$54,000 in prize money.

Players faced off in three title bouts: League of Legends, Tekken 7 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the final tally, South Korea took the top prize for the eighth time – while Finland was named runners-up for the first time.

Elsewhere Saudi Arabia took home the bronze medal, while Sweden and Japan came in fourth and fifth respectively.

Check scores for the top ten teams below:

  1. South Korea 131
  2. Finland 127
  3. Saudi Arabia 111
  4. Sweden 78
  5. Japan 62
  6. Macau 61
  7. Romania 52
  8. Taiwan 47
  9. Australia 43
  10. Philippines 38

The best of the best

AOC’s support and sponsorship of the Esports World Championship is just the latest example of the brand’s ongoing commitment to promoting the highest standards in gaming.

Known globally as one of the world’s premier monitor manufacturers, AOC has long championed the rise and recognition of gaming and gamers everywhere.

For years AOC has sponsored esports team and events, and in 2016 AOC launched the dedicated Agon brand specifically tailored to gamers’ increasingly nuanced needs.

The G2590PX being singled out as the leading monitor for professional gamers at the IeSF Esports World Championship is just the latest chapter in an ever-evolving story.

To celebrate the achievement Kevin Wu, general manager of MMD Pte Ltd., was invited to open the event with a keynote speech.

Fittingly, the milestone was achieved in Taiwan – the place where it all began 51 years ago, and still home of AOC HQ today.

What made the AOC G2590PX stand out

There are a myriad of reasons why the officials at IeSF chose AOC’s G2590PX as the official event monitor.

Purpose-built for gaming at a high professional level, competitors benefited from an unrivaled visual experience, marked by matchless onscreen detail and a seamless image flow.

As well serving up 24.5 inches of Full HD visuals, at 1920 x 1080 resolution, the G2590PX offers a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync – all of which combine to create a gaming environment free from blur, lag and screen tearing.

Competitors at the Esports World Championship will doubtless have noticed the difference when smashing out precision combo attacks on combat classic Tekken 7.

Other optimizations sure to have made a difference include AOC Shadow Control, which allows players to efficiently manage contrast in overly bright or dark areas on screen – particularly important for navigating the notoriously immersive environments of CS:GO.

Just the beginning

The recognition of AOC at this year’s Esports World Championship marks a major milestone in the brand’s storied history – but it is just the beginning. Earlier this year, AOC was also an official sponsor of July’s UK Esports Awards, while AOC was again called on to serve as official monitor partner for the WESG Oceania 2018, a celebrated esports tournament that provides an open-for-all platform for players from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Because for AOC the competitive gaming revolution is just beginning – and AOC intend on continuing to give gamers the best, every step of the way.

These new and AOC Monitors are now available in partner retail store branches nationwide: PC Express, PC Worx, Octagon, Thinkingtools, Computerworld, ThinkPC, Vivocom, and PC Chain. If you need more information you can refer out to the social media pages of AOC Monitor PH.



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