Apacer X Ning’s Cute Little Blue Heart-Warming Co-branded Models

This year, Apacer Technology collaborates with the illustrative brand Ning’s to launch a co-branded collection of AH23A flash drives full of positive energy.

The thoughtful strap hole enables the user to carry the flash drive around wherever they go, as a lucky charm cheering them on throughout the day. The AC233 portable hard drive, likewise adorned with the Little Blue character, offers a generous storage capacity of 1TB, big enough to hold all your precious files and memories.

Opportunity, the Beautiful Start

“Take the first step, and chances will present themselves.” We may not be able to order opportunities at will, but we can seize every tiny opportunity! Keeping your eyes and minds open, you will notice more opportunities and hold onto it to give yourself a great start.

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Resolution, the Actualization of Dream

“We cannot change the sound of the external world, but we can strive not to let it influence us” In the maelstrom of life, it is inevitably to experience setbacks, and feel disappointed, depressed, and doubtful about life. Please believe with resolution, that when you truly desire something, the entire universe will help you to complete it!

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Challenge, No Restrictions for Life

“The only obstacles that exist are those that you allow.” Everyone can be a better person, but if you don’t challenge or stretch yourself, your life won’t change. Sometimes, your biggest adversary is inside of you, in your mind and heart. Overcome your mental barriers and your goals will move closer to you.

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Confidence, Believe that You are Irreplaceable

“You are unique and needed in this world!” Being “the same as others” may make you normal and comfortable in this world, but the greatest challenge and accomplishment is to be a unique and irreplaceable self. When you no longer seek recognition, you’ll make your most genuine and valuable contributions, no matter how “small” we think we are.

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