APACER is talking business at COMPUTEX 2016, showing of new products specifically designed for the gamers and the general public’s interest for IoT.

Starting off with APACER’s gaming products, it is evident that APACER is never backing down into the gaming business sector with the introduction of the Blade and Panther Memory Modules. The Blade isn’t fairly new, but the Panther Rage LED DDR4 is… kinda something new and flashy.


The APACER Panther Rage LED DDR4 will feature 2133 MHz, 2400 MHz, and 2666 MHz flavors, all conforming to Intel’s XMP 2.0 standards. Maximum kit capacity is 32GB, and it is going to be available by the 3rd quarter of 2016.


The APACER AvataRAM is a blazing fast SSD Cache for industrial and enterprise use, hence it is housed on an actively cooled enclosure. The thing is built to withstand heavy loads, and it is designed just to do that with its high performance read and write capabilities.


APACER’s AvataRAM is designed for IoT integration, and since the IoT business is getting bigger and bigger every year, APACER also decided to enter the consumer side of the said market – with an IP camera, Router, Smart window / door sensors, plus a smart socket. All working together in unison.


As for external enclosures, APACER is introducing their MilSpec AC830 portable drive, and the AC531. These drives are housed on special casings, which should enable them to withstand punishments that no normal enclosure can survive.


APACER’s patented dual I/O SSDs also made an appearance. These SSDs are basically internal and external drives in one, with a SATA and a USB port controller.


The company is set to take another step forward into the IoT, cloud service, and general storage solutions, aiming to lead the global market with their storage expertise as their pillar of support. Again, we would like to thank Image Media for providing us this opportunity to visit APACER’s suite at COMPUTEX 2016.

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