CK Chang, APACER’s General Manager, along with industry’s experts, believes that the 2nd Quarter of 2015 will usher an era of budget friendly SSD.

They predicted that the 120 GB SSDs will be priced at around 40 USD and the 256 GB SSDs will feature a tempting 70 USD when the said quarter arrives.


“256GB solid-state drives will cost less than $70, whereas 128GB SSDs will be priced at around $40. With SSDs becoming more reasonably priced, a wave of demand could be stimulated.” – CK Chang, General Manager, APACER Technology

DigiTimes¬†also reported that the revenue of APACER has exceeded its expectations at around 10 Billion NT$, which is a huge sum and is an indication that CK Chang isn’t joking around with his prediction.

It is evident that the price of SSDs are slowly decreasing, as more and more 240+ GB SSDs are hitting the 100 USD price-point. This is due to SSD manufacturers switching to the mroe affordable TLC NAND, and the inevitable switch to smaller fabrication processes. We sure do hope that this will come true, as this will push higher capacity drives to decrease prices, and ultimately, enable mechanical drives to  innovative.

Source: KitGuru


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