Well, the question is complicated. The first problem is to have proper criteria for measurement. When we are talking about the popularity of platforms, the market is a very delicate thing. We have to calculate the popularity of the very games, not by the merits of the platforms themselves.

Smartphones are everywhere today. You don’t need a powerful PC for just surfing needs. At the same time, a lot of PCs are never used for entertainment. For example, there are a lot of servers that haven’t discrete GPUs and even monitors. Naturally, playing on exclusive platforms is not a good idea.

On the other side, we see a myriad of cheap cell phones that are more relevant for gaming. That’s because of the mobile casino’s technologies. A lot of gambling portals haven’t special requirements for slots or online casinos with roulettes. But there are some different reasons.

Why can’t I just buy a powerful PC?

Well, you know… miners and pandemic. If you read something about the current gambling industry, you should know about the awful situation. The plants are not working correctly yet, so we have to manage the situation. Also, a lot of riff-raffs are here. Thanks for some scum schemes, we have prices for the computer like they build from the finest gold. Two years ago, a decent PC station (without a monitor) was worth about $1500. Today we have to pay triple when we want the same quality.

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The next reason is cornier and less painful. Many office workers simply do not have an urgent need to buy a powerful gaming station. An average gaming console of the newest generation costs about $500-600. It depends on the region. Yes, console games are more expensive. But our payment will be for a long time. A new generation of game consoles was released a few years ago. And they will be relevant for five years, at least. If you are buying a PC today – your upgrade is inevitable.

Of course, we are not talking about the actual work. But for entertainment, gamblers don’t need a powerful PC platform. All the professional gamblers were growing without a big monitor and a powerful desktop. That was the time of the first online casinos. Even today almost all the calculations on these sites are done on the server’s side. Your platform only needs a modern web browser.

And the pandemic, at last, finished an old argument. A long-lasting competition between traditional and online casinos is over. If you are an aristocratic person and have a ton of money – okay, have a bit of luck with the conquest of Monte Carlo. But for an average newcomer, the cheapest mobile phone will be good. The jackpot hasn’t a connection with a platform.

Smartphones have many privileges

In the world of PC electronics, Moore’s law already has become Murphy’s law. The chipmakers are stuck at the level of the atom’s limit. In the mobile industry, the situation is drastically different. If you are buying a brand new x86 CPU – it will be faster, colder, more progressive than your old model. But it still is relevant. The top PC from 2013 is a good thing even now. The top HTC smartphone of the same age belongs to the museum. All the mobile units have become so much more powerful through the last years.

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Also, new ways of payments are doing magic. Today you can pay by phone bill casinos free. Nevertheless, what citizenship do you have – you always will find a great way of deposits and withdrawals. 

The next thing is security. The PC has enormous possibilities for system tweaking. But the science of computer security is complicated, and an average player should study it. For mobile applications, you don’t need additional phishing-proof and other activities. When downloading an application from the official Google or Apple store, the company has already checked the potential malware.

Also, unification is a great thing. Your phone casino app runs by the same rules and laws, no matter what casino you prefer. Because the vendors of the software are always the same. You can switch sites for the best gambling conditions, but the balance is always predictable. And an average gambler is a pretty nervous person. Your risk is your money. That’s why the solid reputation of old mobile casinos is a big thing.

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But what about other genres? Shooters, action RPGs, and roguelike platformers are doing great on the mobile screens. The graphics are pretty modest, but the mobile hits are constantly evolving. Today we have a graphic level that is equal to the PC games from 2006-2008. Not bad, because the first realistic 3D games for smartphones appeared just ten years ago.

Technically, smartphones are computers themselves but with some limits. First of all, cell phones are too thin. You can account for the passive cooling system. But the top computer chips are hot – it is the main physics. And before the technologies make the next leap – you will not have the high performance as it runs on PC. Also, there is the question of working time. A modern phablet is working about 10 hours in an active browsing mode.

But for casual gamblers, it is not a big problem. The newest slots are comfortable for finger gestures. And these games are even better with a touchscreen. Mouse clicks are best for shooters, but you can roll the reels or roulette with better comfort. Also, all the online casinos are working with the principle of the short sessions. The “big” computer games have a length of tens of hours. In a casino, you can win in five minutes!

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