ASUS Celebrates Lazada 3.3.2019 Birthday Sale

Lazada Philippines is celebrating its 7th year this whole month of March, and ASUS Philippines joins in on the birthday bash. On Wednesday, March 27 get the whole gang ready for exclusive, limited-time, discounted offers on crowd-favorite, photography-centric ZenFone products from the ZenFone 3 Series and ZenFone 4 Series.

In addition, some of the renowned Battery Kings from theZenFone Max family are joining the sale too, as well as a couple of ZenPower products.

Lazada’s 7th year is going to be a one-of-a kind celebration, with jaw-dropping offerings on ASUS’ smartphones and power banks. Check out the list below for the rundown of ZenFones and ZenPowers available during the Lazada 3.3 Birthday Sale:

ZenFone Max Pro M2 PHP 12,995 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 11,190
ZenFone Max Pro M1 PHP 8,995 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 8,290 (First 20)
  • PHP 8,695 (Succeeding)

Crazy Brand Offer

  • PHP 7,790 (First 20)
  • PHP 8,295 (Succeeding)
ZenFone 4 PHP 14,990 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 13,695

Crazy Brand Offer

  • PHP 13,290
ZenFone 4 Selfie Lite PHP 5,995 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 5,695

Flash Sale

  • PHP 5,495

Crazy Brand Offer

  • PHP 5,495
ZenFone 3 Zoom PHP 11,295 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 10,990

Crazy Brand Offer

  • PHP 9,990
ZenFone 3 Laser


PHP 7,495 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 6,590

Flash Sale

  • PHP 5,995
ZenPower 10050 PHP 895 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 819 (Black)
  • PHP 749 (Gold/Silver)

Crazy Brand Offer

  • PHP 809 (Black)
  • PHP 739 (Gold/Silver)
ZenPower Slim 3000 PHP 499 Whole Day Special Sale

  • PHP 395


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