While ROG remains, and will still remain on the top-end range of ASUS’ products, the company has been focusing on the lower end of spectrum too for the gamers, especially when the company started to release their Gamer Series boards that hinted this approach. Now that it’s clear that ASUS wants to impress even the gamers on the budget, the company has released the first Cerberus Series gears.

The Cerberus Gaming Keyboard according to ASUS, is a LED-backlit USB gaming keyboard with a rugged, splash-proof design, rubberized feet for enhanced stability, and dedicated macro keys. Its plate conforms to the standards of SECC so it shoul;d be durable, with a drain hole to prevent spills from damaging the PCB and spoiling the plate altogether. The keyboard is also equipped with 12 macro keys that should help gamers to issue custom commands with a single keystroke for complete tactical flexibility and a competitive edge. MSRP is PHP 1,670 and it will be available this coming March of 2016. That’s 1, 670 for a backlit enabled, steel reinforced keyboard. It’s not mechanical though.

ASUS Cerberus PR (1)

The Cerberus Gaming Mouse on the other-hand is an ambidextrous optical mouse with a backlit logo, and 4 DPI presets that according to ASUS is still customizable. The mouse comes with a LED status display depending on your set DPI level and has a rubber grip for reduced slipping. The mouse will retail for about PHP 1,020 and will launch locally together with the keyboard.

While the Cerberus is no ROG both in style and price point, we are hoping that these gears will help ASUS to receive much appeal from budget oriented gamers. Only time will tell, I guess.

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