VR & AR Capable ROG Headpiece Sounds Nice

ASUS’ Chairman Jonney Shih, talked about the future of the company at the recent interview conducted by Trusted Reviews last month. The interview is about ASUS’ plans about their smart devices – be it in the form of a phone or a smartwatch. But in a section about gaming, there is something that we simply couldn’t wait to see in fruition next year.


VR is the talk since its revival a couple of years ago, and ASUS isn’t going to slip past the chance to create one of their own. According to Shih, The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is tasked with their Virtual Reality line-up and added that a partnership is in place. – Most probably a partnership between them and a veteran company on the field.

VR isn’t the only “reality” ASUS is interested – as Augmented Reality is going to be a bundled feature so we might see something like the Microsoft HoloLens with VR capability. And since it’s ROG, it should be aimed for the majority of Gamers. According to the interview, ASUS plans to reveal it in 2016 and it might be shown at COMPUTEX or CES.

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