The Intel B85 Chipset might not be the first chipset to come into your mind if you’re building a new gaming PC, as there are the H97 and Z97 boards to choose from with almost all the bells and whistles that any gamers want.

ASUS have managed to sneak in essential gaming features in their latter B85-PRO Gamer motherboard, and if size matters – which I mean small, then the smaller brother B85M Gamer might just suite your needs.

ASUS B85M Gamer News (2)

The B85M Gamer takes the humble B85 chipset on a gaming level with ROG inspired features and design philosophy. It packs a proper 4 Phase Digi+ VRM, 4x DDR3 DIMM slots, plenty of SATA ports, gaming oriented audio, and a full speed PCI-E 3.0 slot for the graphics card all in one attractive micro-ATX form factor. In addition, the motherboard features ASUS’ LANGuard technology, which should safeguard your precious LAN Port from electrical surge.

The ASUS B85M Gamer does not feature overclocking, but we sure do hope that it is able to overclock even the Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition via other means. No pricing has been divulged yet but we are expecting it to feature a value oriented SRP for gamers.

Source: KitGuru

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