250, 000 Pesos, or to put it simply – a huge sum of money is required if you want to get your hands dirty on ASUS’ latest liquid-cooled gaming notebook, the GX700. It’s so expensive, ASUS decided to launch only 20 of these units in the PH market alone, and held an event just to show case how special these really are to even land on the soil.

As far as specifications goes, almost everything is unlocked. And when we mean unlocked, ASUS decided to go with overclock-able components, from the CPU, RAM, and even the GPU. That said, it comes with the best that mobile gaming has to offer, with an Intel Core i7-6820HK CPU, 64GB max capacity DDR4 RAM in 2800 MHz configuration, and an MXM format Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 which is essentially the desktop GTX 980 in mobile form. All inside a gaming chassis with a 17.3″ screen space to boot. Sadly, the display on the PH version is non WQHD, and we’re not even sure if it’s a G-SYNC capable panel.

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The appeal of the GX700 is not the selection of the components alone, as it also features a dock-able liquid cooling solution which should enable the gaming notebook to gain an extra 20% performance over the norm (if that’s not even enough) via overclocking according to ASUS. Overclockers should be appealed, and even newbies to the overclocking scene could simply take the GX700 to the extremes with ASUS’ Turbo Gear software that should enable overclocking in seconds. Learn more here.

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Other gaming notebooks, such as the ASUS ROG G501, and the ROG G752 also made a public appearance. They are less powerful, yet should be enough for the demands of most gamers on the go – provided that you have the penny, of course.

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The ASUS ROG GX700 is one unique gaming notebook that should equal gaming desktop PCs with features dedicated for gaming and everything else. For a quarter of a Million Pesos, it is by far, the epitome of ASUS ROG for the mobile gamers with deep pockets and appreciation for rare gaming setups. #PCMasterRace

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