ASUS takes up majority of the motherboard share this year with a 45% lead over the competition. A proud highlight during their recent regional conference held at Malaysia.

Going into the specifics, the ASUS HEDT platform (X299) accounts for around 70% share in the market, while their Z270 motherboards accounts for 60% share. Increased shipments in the region is one of the major factors of this bloom, together with the increasing needs for a gaming oriented motherboard for such markets.

ASUS Regional Seminar 2017 3

While we’re taking about X299 and Z270 here, I am sure that the company’s AMD platform motherboards are also one of the key figures of the increased market share. After all, it is Ryzen that made Intel to launch the Coffee Lake CPUs at haste. Allowing for a not so timely execution thsi side of the year as far as recent releases and product cycle goes.

ASUS Regional Seminar 2017 1

Speaking, ASUS already had a strong Z370 chipset based motherboard line-up ready at launch. ASUS folks also made up theirs mind to add the TUF series motherboards into the gaming limelight with two initial models aimed for the gamers.

ASUS expects to see another growth into their share until the end of 2017.

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