Author: Leo Bien Durana

APACER Intros Their AM530 Card Reader

Taipei – DSLR technologies progress with each passing day. Professional photographers or amateurs can easily access the powerful single lens and high-speed memory cards and enjoy the advanced functions, including HD 1080p...

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Antec Outs the One Enclosure!

Antec is pretty much on the kill streak right now with launches, and announcements of products almost every month. Today, they have announced yet another product, and it is going to join the ranks of their budget friendly cases....

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Kingston Updates SSDNow V200 Firmware

Rejoice, Kingston SSDNow V200 owners! Kingston just announced that a firmware update is already available at their site! It aims to increase performance, and fix known bugs of the 64GB and 128GB SSDNow V200 drives. Part Numbers:...

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