#BF5 Is Coming And We Don;t know What It Is Yet

Almost 3 years had passed since the last Battlefield game came out – and yes, we are talking about Battlefield 4 not the damn Hardline spin-off. With that said, EA & DICE announced that the next Battlefield game, dubbed as Battlefield 5, is set to be revealed this coming May 6, 2016 and will be live streamed across the globe from London.

Battlefield 5 Reveal News

Several press members and popular Youtubers have been invited to witness the event live at London, which will grant them access not only for the reveal, but also behind the scenes access to the info that couldn’t be divulged yet even after the world premier. With NDA on their hands, I doubt they will talk anytime soon after the premier.

We still don’t know what Battlefield 5 will offer, as leaks points to many fronts and settings such as WW1 speculations, Eastern Front settings, and a sequel to Battlefield 2142 to name a few. But, we sure do know that it will be a military themed shooter (I’m looking at you, Hardline), EA & DICE has been working on it for quite some time, and it’s slated to launch by holidays this year. As a Battlefield gamer myself, I cannot contain my excitement. I just hope that the next title is worth the hype. To know more about the reveal, visit THIS LINK for more details.

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