BenQ today sets a new standard for viewing sports in the comfort of one’s living room — the W1090 projector.  The W1090 featuring Sport Modes takes the thrill of watching the big game out of the sports bars and into fans’ homes with 100 inches of crystal-clear 1080p high-definition enhanced with Waves audio, making every detail more life-like and realistic.

Bringing this realism home is easy thanks to the W1090’s simple installation, short-throw projection with 100 inches at 2.5 meters, 1.3x zoom, and MHL connectivity — all available soon for the very affordable MSRP of US$899.

Every Blade of Grass to Life

When it comes to winning performance, the W1090 fields an impressive list of features, led by a powerful pair of Sports Modes to improve both video and audio performance. Sport Picture Mode blends digital picture enhancements with stunning color reproduction that puts viewers inside the action. Colors are more lively and lifelike, while image details are crisper and clearer right down to the blades of grass under the player’s feet. Sport Sound Mode transports viewers to the heart of the cheering crowd where they can hear crack of the ball on the bat and the swish of the net.

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Brilliant Audiovisual Performance in 1080p

The W1090 delivers Full HD 1080p image quality for sharper visuals, making it perfect not just for viewing high-definition sports broadcasts, but also enjoying Blu-ray videos and movies. The result is picture-perfect high-contrast quality without downscaling or compression. The projector’s turbo-charged RGBRGB color wheel boasts 6X speed and BrilliantColortm Technology to take color depth to the limit for incomparable brilliance and clarity.  The W1090 also puts your ears inside the action with its build-in 10-watt speaker housed in a resonant sound chamber and boosted by BenQ’s own Audio Enhancer — powered by MaxxAudio.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Bringing such an immersive experience out of the sports bar and into the living room might seem a tricky task, but the W1090 is surprisingly easy to set up and operate. The projector’s 1.15 throw rate means that users can achieve a 100” picture size with the projector situated just 2.5 meters from the viewing surface. The vertical keystone and 1.3x zoom perfectly adjusts and aligns the picture at any angle or distance. An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes operations a snap, even for those with no prior projector experience.

User-Friendly Connectivity

As with any pro athlete, flexibility is the key to peak performance and the W1090 is no different. The projector features a USB type-A power supply connector for effortless operation and device charging. The W1090 also supports MHL-enabled devices through an MHL connector. Standard high-definition video sources can be connected via two HDMI inputs. An optional FHD kit adds further flexibility with wireless connectivity.

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Sports fans have a new reason to cheer. The BenQ W1090 home entertainment sports projector puts them right where the action is in their own living rooms, making it easier than ever to catch every hit, block, kick, or goal in 1080p detail.

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