When you set goals for a business, it is usually all about increasing profits, finding new customers, and improving your services. With the goals you set for yourself, you can’t afford to waste your time.

Unfortunately, the problem almost every company is facing is inefficient communication with their customers. A lot of time is wasted on trivial queries that could be answered automatically, but you never know, so the phone needs to be picked up every time, which distracts people from more important tasks.

Employees who need to answer the calls, hearing the same questions all over again, sooner or later, will lose their motivation to work. It is hard to stay engaged when your tasks are so repetitive. And you would probably want to make the most of your employees’ potential by assigning them more diversified responsibilities. Only then can they develop and, consequently, can your company grow.

So what can you do? Luckily, due to the development of technology, there are now available various solutions that can be helpful with minor, repetitive tasks. In this article, we will present you with the best virtual telephone systems that will significantly improve communication in your firm.

Ivy Answering Service

It is one of the best virtual receptionist services offering a real, physical person to work as your virtual personal assistant. If you need professional clerical and phone skills, the virtual receptionist is going to bring all of this onboard. They are often located miles away from you, but thanks to the Internet and cloud services, they are able to work that way efficiently, helping your business grow.

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Are important customer matters mixed up with minor inquiries? The system will forward a client to the selected consultant based on their competences. Ivy Answering Service acts as a gatekeeper, catches all the unimportant calls from telemarketers, and answers simple questions from your clients. This allows you to respond only to the most important queries without missing any conversations with customers or hurting your customer service quality. Such a telephone system will inform them about the current position in the queue or a callback option.

You can also increase the answerability of calls by presenting the selected number. The virtual telephone system is a professionally integrated platform for handling incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail, fax, chat, email, and videoconferencing.


It is a great contact center that allows you to consult with your clients at any time. 8×8 offers convenient auto dialing services for your customers; you can personalize the messages and answers to your business’ needs and requirements.

8×8 gives you the opportunity to send text messages to your clients, so you can reach them anywhere with notifications, one-time passwords, reminders and alerts. Private, tailored messages for customers can be created by using a “text to speech” converter.


RingCentral gives you the possibility to manage web conferences, receive faxes via the Internet, or forward calls, and all that can also be accessed through an intuitive smartphone app. This virtual system welcomes your callers with a personalized greeting – this is an excellent opportunity to briefly present your offer and continue answering the most frequently asked questions.

If you do not want to decide on their offer right away, you can take advantage of the free 15-day trial period, thanks to which you will find out if such a solution actually makes your life easier.


Ooma is known and praised for being easy to install and operate. It is recommended, especially for small companies, where there are relatively few phone calls, but they all need to be handled properly, so that firm’s valuable customers feel special.

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Customers may use either a mobile or desktop app. It takes literally a few minutes to set up an account with a unique number. Ooma also offers a virtual receptionist that is able to direct calls within ring groups, such as a customer service group or sales group.


It is a great remote work solution that provides your company with auto-texting to your clients features, screen sharing, video and audio conferencing, business texting, email integration, and call blocking.

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Grasshopper is a virtual phone service that can cooperate with the company’s mobile and home phones and offers unlimited minutes. The service is perfect for employees that work remotely as it provides a smooth and efficient contact among workers and with the firm’s clients.


A virtual phone system is a tool you will surely appreciate. It can be implemented and operated without the need for specialist knowledge. It is a modern and easy-to-use solution that improves communication, both with customers and between employees. In order to ensure efficient communication, the systems offer useful functions, such as call recording, teleconferences, voicemail, or fax via the Internet.

The implementation of the system in your company increases the quality of its services and improves its professional image. It enables full management of incoming and outgoing calls, which gives you control not only over their course but also costs.

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