Individuals who are big fans of gambling will look for copious marketing possibilities to make and leverage productive bets. To obtain accurate and proper podcasts from the insignificant ones has become pretty daunting in this digital era.

The best way to obtain an abundance of knowledge is through gambling podcasts. Before you march your way towards the online casinos real money, you must check out the podcasts related to gambling. These podcasts will provide you with plenty of information and also increase your chances of winning.

What Exactly is A Gambling Podcast? How Does It Work?

Gambling podcasts are solely related to the world of gambling. Individuals who are experienced in such fields discuss gambling-based topics with other experts. The most common thing you will find among all these betting podcasts is that they offer plenty of transparency. Instead of delivering unproven betting maneuverings or faulty advice, these podcasts will provide you with correct information on all gambling-related stuff. Creators of such podcasts take the help of platform analysis tools.

This tool provides them with the most updated data on all the gambling or betting strategies available in the market. The tool also provides the latest marketing opportunities that will help many gambling fans greatly. Through this technique, the advice provided on the podcast becomes pretty much actionable. Individuals who are amateurs in the world of gambling will easily understand once they learn the lingo. These podcasts come with a mixture of informal interviews and in-depth analyses about the betting strategies.

Best Gambling Podcasts to Check Out

When you are interested in gaining information about online Australian casinos, you can easily find them on some of the best podcasts that are pretty popular. Look below:

  • Gambling with an Edge
  • Betting dork
  • Behind the Bets
  • Against all Odds

Gambling with an Edge

This is a hebdomadal podcast, which is aired live from the city of Las Vegas. The broadcast takes place every Tuesday. Richard Munchkin and Bob Dancer are the podcast hosts who provide plenty of acumen on casino insiders, trained bettors, and statisticians. These two podcast hosts will provide you with gambling insights and provide tips and tricks on you to make a much more informed decision when it comes to gambling.

Betting dork

Betting dork is a podcast, which Gill Alexander conducts. He is a professional mathematician and bettor. He provides pedagogy on Sabermatic analysis to his listeners, which includes free picks and value bets. Gill Alexander also provides statistical knowledge through his podcast. Wait, that’s not it. The podcast will also give you erudition on some of the best stores around Las Vegas and receive a survey of sportsbooks available online.

Behind the Bets

Dough Kezirian, a fabulous betting critic, is the Behind the Bets podcast host. Through the podcast, he delivers relevant acumen into the realm of gambling, which occurs in Las Vegas. He also invites professional gamblers or analysts to his podcast. The podcast also covers topics on horse racing, college football, basketball and NFL. The insights provided by Kezirian will help you create your own betting strategy.

Against all Odds

This particular podcast carries a Jimmy Kimmel vibe, but it’s conducted live by Cousin Sal. Listeners will gain the opportunity to learn more about the realm of gambling and obtain some interesting insights from Cousin Sal. He will remind you through this podcast that gambling breathes only for pleasure. Apart from that, Cousin Sal also offers a critique on wrestling, boxing, NBA, NFL, celebrities. He provides analysis on his deteriorated friends to handle wins and losses.

What is the Reason Behind Gambling Podcast?

When the topic is about gambling, it is not legal in many countries across the globe. Slowly, as times started to change, gambling became a popular sport among people. Now, the gambling industry is currently expanding, and instead of visiting a casino, individuals are enjoying a bit of gambling through the online platform. In many places, a lot is happening, which is not shared. For such reasons, a good gambling podcast is what all gambling aficionados need.

One of the main reasons for such podcasts is that the hosts do plenty of research and provide information based on slot gambling. There are other podcasts out there that provide detailed information on casino slots. Rather than that, many podcasts provide discussion and give advice on table games, such as blackjack, craps, roulette and poker. Podcasts will help people to learn and understand gambling during such times within the gaming sector. Apart from that, it will magnify their chances of winning.

Essential Things to Know About Gambling Podcasts

The gambling podcasts are pretty similar to a radio show. The only difference is that the podcast comes in a digital sound file, which you can listen to whenever you want to. These podcasts will work perfectly on any device, such as smartphones and laptops, with no hassle. Author Steve Bourie is a well-known name in the gambling world. He conducts his very own podcast-related gambling and casinos. His topics are mainly directed towards people who want to visit a casino and provide the best gambling strategies.

Also, individuals who want to create a gambling podcast of their own can do so. The process is not that difficult as you can record it with a friend or two. The cost for conducting a podcast is pretty low, and you do not require much equipment for the job. No matter where you are located, you can begin the podcast on gambling-related topics from anywhere. Also, you don’t have to speak in front of people publicly, because it will only be you alone doing the podcast with no hassle.

Equipment Used For Gambling Podcasting

There are many individuals out there who conduct gambling podcasts as a hobby. But to start a podcast, one doesn’t require too much equipment for it. It’s because a simple microphone will do the trick. Microphones do require a stand, and it will prevent you from holding them in your hands while you record. But that’s not the only reason why you need a microphone stand. But it comes to microphones, and you will come across many.

Best Gambling Podcasts You Should Checkout GP 1

You can go for the ATR2500 Audio Technica or the Q2U from Samsung. Both of them are low-end mics and are pretty inexpensive as well. For the audio editing software, Audacity stands out as the best choice among all the others. It comes with unique features and will give you the chance to edit your recorded audio file however you like. Hindenburg Journalist and Adobe Audition are also excellent options, and both of them come with a 30-day trial.

How To Get Resources To Begin A Podcast?

The only place to find both resources and help is through the online platform. You can also contact some professional gamblers who have their podcasts. Otherwise, you can sign up to receive subscriptions from The School of Podcasting, as it will teach you everything about podcasting. It has some of the best resources and will help you immensely when you are pretty much eager to host a podcast based on gambling and other things related to it.


Podcasts related to gambling or betting stand out to obtain accurate data about the gambling world. It helps gamblers from all around the world receive the information they need and get some tips and advice from professionals. For beginners, it’s a perfect way to gain knowledge and understanding about gambling before taking any step further. There are numerous types of podcasts available for gambling-related topics. Some of them are conducted live, and others come in the form of recordings.

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