Choosing the best keyboard is not an easy task even for experienced gamers. It should be smooth, convenient, and affordable. Many college students are dreaming about expensive keyboards with excellent properties. However, there are plenty of cheap alternatives that offer similar features. If you are looking for a brilliant keyboard for easy typing and comfortable gaming, this list is right for you.

The first thing you need to do before starting to choose a keyboard is getting lots of free time. You are expected to analyze the properties of dozens of items. In case you are in a hurry, you might miss some important features and purchase a device that will not suit your needs.

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STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This classical mechanical keyboard is a real treasure for those who love classical items of this kind. It has convenient RGB lighting, so you don’t even turn on the lights to start typing or playing. This is a compact and convenient device. However, some users might find the lack of wrist rest, appalling.

WisFox Rainbow

This keyboard features a gaming centric design. It is a budget starting point for both typing and gaming. Being light and easy to get used to thanks to its membrane keys and all-aluminum panel, this keyboard is highly valued by lots of students. The WisFox ultimately features a spill-resistant design.

Keyboard Budget College 2020 GP 3

Redragon K502

This item is one of the most affordable from our list of keyboards. It has membrane switches and cool RGB lighting on top of its sleek and slim profile. Feel free to choose one of 6 lighting modes according to your personal taste.

Keyboard Budget College 2020 GP 2

Mouse Systems Classic 104

An eBay favorite, the Classic 104 keyboard is for those who are fond of old-school looking devices with a budget oriented price to boot. Although this model is a bit bulky and heavy, its retro design and typing experience is simply amazing.

E-Element Z-88

This keyboard is more expensive than the others from our list even considering its compact form factor. However, it is still worth your attention. It is available in two different colors, has an aluminum backplate, and tons of Outemu switches to choose from.

Keyboard Budget College 2020 GP 4

Logitech K780

Logitech continues to be one of the leaders in the area, offering cheap and convenient devices. The K780 is ready to assist you in fast typing and a bit of casual gaming. It is also able to pair up to three different devices and can even hold smartphones and tablets.

Keyboard Budget College 2020 GP 6

Havit RGB

This keyboard is a great option for those who values the budget oriented Kailh switches. Moreover, the keyboard has RGB lighting. It is a full-size keyboard with media controls and lots of advanced features.

BAKTH Rainbow

This keyboard is another fantastic device for those who are searching for slimmer gaming oriented options. This comes bundled with a BAKTH gaming mouse adding a little more value.

DREVO Gramr 84-Key

This alternative is for those who value compact quality devices. The keyboard has a 80% layout and a flawless classic design. It is necessary to point out that the device has Outemu switch options – crowd favorites.

Keyboard Budget College 2020 GP 1

Still hesitate, which item to choose? Read the reviews of the other users to make a wise decision.

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