Depositing your casino account has never been easier. With multiple payment methods available in the gambling industry, gamers can now deposit and withdraw funds easily. The only question that worries most newcomers about the safest online casino NZ is the following: “how to choose the right payment method?” Aside from the fact that first-time gamers have to worry about safety & security of playing at an online casino, they have to consider how to place a deposit there.

We’d like to highlight e-Wallets that seasoned gamers use to get their casino points. Keep reading to get a full report on what to expect from online casinos payment methods in the near future. Now, let’s take a look at those that allow paying easily for e-gaming spots.

Visa & MasterCard debit cards

The simplest way to deposit money into your casino account is by using MasterCard debit & credit cards issued by your local bank. These cards are quite effective and absolutely secure for online banking. They are just ideal for payments into your best online casino NZ account the moment you need it. There are a fair number of online debit card casinos. Some of them are linked to other financial institutions that guarantee an additional security to your transactions across the web.

Winning withdrawals from a MasterCard online casino can also be processed through debit & credit cards. Casino websites that accept them as one of their payment methods guarantee quick and secure transactions for gamers. Most gambling sites allow gamers to get their withdrawals through Visa cards as well. It’s possible to tie your card with more than one casino operator. Your winnings from gambling in the best Visa online casino will be processed almost immediately.

Pay Casino Payments by Phone Bill

This is one of the most popular methods that are used by most online casino players all over the world. In general, Pay By Phone allows making a deposit through your mobile network provider. They will just add that particular amount to your monthly bill. Needless to say, it’s much faster than making an online casino deposit with a bank account as you already have a recurring set of bills for payments. Today, this payment method is one of the safest options used by gamers. You can easily add funds to your online casino account with your bank number.

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But then again, not all casinos accept Pay By Phone as a payment method because they fear unauthorized access from the third-party. Nevertheless, such transactions get processed almost immediately after verifying the request. Gamers shouldn’t hesitate to choose online casinos that accept Pay By Phone payments. To make things easier, you can read customers’ reviews to find the best online casino for mobile payment. Most of these sites charge small fees on deposits made by first-time online casino players.

E-Wallets for Online Casinos

While the older generation of gamblers prefer to make any casino payment by using debit & credit cards or Pay By Phone method, a younger group of players is more advanced. They make it a point to use more modern payment gateways for online casinos when compared to a traditional debit card option. They opt for e-Wallets. There are a good number of e-wallet solutions available and chances are high that you’d like to have this online payment gateway.

The most popular e-Wallets are the following:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • POLi Payments
  • EcoPayz

When it comes to funding your online gambling account, PayPal is beyond comparison. It is leading in popularity among others online casino US payment methods. The other options such as Skrill, Neteller, POLi Payments and EcoPayz are also quite useful and convenient. A huge advantage of using this payment gateway is that you can generate instant deposits and withdrawals. The thing is that you don’t have to waste time registering a long number of your debit card. You only need to indicate the e-Wallet address.


With cryptocurrency, online casino players can make deposits without providing their personal information. The most known cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become the most secure and reliable payment method. Paying through this option allows you to deposit as much as you want without restrictions. Most financial institutions set limits on payments on the Internet. Digital coins like Bitcoin help you to avoid that in a cryptocurrency casino.

Actually, Bitcoin eliminates financial institutions’ regulations and rules. With this advanced technology, online casino players shouldn’t worry about delays. By using cryptos as payment gambling methods, you receive winnings almost immediately to your cryptocurrency wallets. In the gambling Industry, this option is one of the most popular payment methods online for casino players.

The Future of Payment Technologies

Today the process of transferring money differs from the common methods. That happened due to the evolving blockchain technology. People no longer have to walk to any financial institution to send funds to their near and dear ones miles away. At the same time, high rollers shouldn’t take a briefcase of cash into casinos. The future of payment technology eliminates the third party. Anyone from anywhere can make their e-gaming deposits in the blink of an eye.

We expect to get more advanced casino payments software that supports quick and effortless deposits on e-gaming websites. Within a few years, we should expect to have more decentralized e-wallet transactions on the majority of e-gaming sites. We’d get more cryptocurrency payment methods there. The future of payment technology is decentralization without any middlemen or third parties.


Personally, we’d prefer PayPal to others. The reason is obvious. PayPal is a great way of placing bets at online casinos. You just have to make sure that a bank card is tied to its back end. It’s safe and easy to transfer money in and out of your casino account via PayPal. Casino withdrawals are instant and you can then transfer money to your account even quicker than via the debit card method.

If you are not familiar with e-wallet services, you should opt for the pay-by-phone method. With a smartphone connected to your local bank, you can make deposits online with ease. Online casinos with debit cards are pretty popular among gamblers all over the globe. Prefer cryptocurrency? No problem! Just choose a payment method you prefer and register in order to try your luck at an online casino!

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