Are you looking for a reliable method to spy on an Android device? Well, let nobody tell you that it’s impossible or not needed. You have a right to find the truth, significantly if it directly impacts your life, kids, or employees.

In these digital times, most people are curious to know what happens in the lives of those close to them. The ideal way to find out is to monitor their Android cell phones since most hidden activities occur.

Honorable mention: mSpy

For our honorable mention we chose mSpy, a monitoring service that has a wide arsenal of tools to spy on devices, including call and text history, full access to social media apps and files, real-time location via GPS, geofencing and keylogger. The app works in the background and is very  resource-light, making it virtually undetectable to users.

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We mention it in this article because it has deeper features than most competitors, but also major entry barriers such as higher prices, as well as the need for rooting in order to install it. However, once the app is fully set up, it allows you to spy on all activities carried out from the device.

Check out this Neatspy review to learn its potential and why it’s the best spy app for Android phones?

Part 1: How to Spy on Android Phones with No Detection

Before discovering how good Neatspy is at what it does, let’s know what’s Neatspy and what it does.

  •  Neatspy: The Stealthiest Android Spy App

Neatspy software is among the leading phone spy applications on the planet. It’s highly talked about by prominent media channels, including 9to5Mac and Forbes. Over a million subscribers spread in 190+ countries renew their subscriptions to keep enjoying the service.

You can use Neatspy to track any modern smartphone or tablet running Android OS version 4.0 and up. It’s a web service accessible around the clock to view everything your target does on their device.

With Neatspy, you shouldn’t worry about your/target’s solitude. The software functions under a rigid privacy code, and no personal information is stored on the app’s servers. Nobody can access or share your/target’s data with anyone.

  • What Makes Neatspy so Incredibly Stealthy?

Neatspy is an Android monitor app that’s impossible to detect. You can use it to track kids, employees, and spouse’s phones without them suspecting that you’re watching. The app allows you to spy on someone’s gadget in complete secrecy.

Why is it impossible to detect the Neatspy software? First, you must download and install the tiny 2MB Neatspy app on the target’s device to start spying. After it’s successfully installed, turn on stealth mode, so the app runs silently on the user’s Android phone.

That way, you can hide the app icon from the app drawer and the list of installed applications. The app monitors an Android device without slowing it down or draining notable battery power.

Since Neatspy is web-based, you won’t be asked to touch the target’s phone ever again. You will monitor every phone activity remotely from your online dashboard. That way, you will remain unnoticed.

This app allows you to see how it works with a free Android spy live demo. You can visit the Neatspy website for more info before deciding to either purchase or leave it.

Part 2: What Android Device Features Can You Access with Neatspy?

What can the Neatspy app do for you? It gives you exclusive access to a set of powerful phone spying elements. They include the following:

Location Tracker

Neatspy utilizes GPS and Wi-Fi connection to track target phone real-time movements. It gives detailed location information, such as the device address and street coordinates. You can even trace the movement history using date and time stamps.

Geofence Alert

The geofence feature allows you to set specific boundaries around a particular location in addition to the location tracker. Whenever the target Android phone enters or leaves set parameters, you’ll receive a notification immediately.

Browsing History Monitor

The website tracker is quite a useful feature for parents who wish to protect their kids from online threats. It allows you to see all kinds of websites the target person visits. Also, you get an analysis of what time, when, and how often.

For parents, restricting access to a specific website is also possible.

Social Media Spy

You can easily keep tabs on a person’s social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Twitter. Neatspy will show every conversation, multimedia files shared, posts made, including contact name, phone number, time, and date information.

View Call Logs

Using the Neatspy call recorder feature, you can get all the call details from the targeted device. Every incoming and outgoing call can be viewed through your dashboard. It includes call duration, time and date entries, frequency, caller name, and contact number.

Read Text Messages

Last but not least, Neatspy backs up every sent or received SMS. Like call logs, the SMS tracker also has a timestamp and essential information of the contact person.

Part 3: How Do You Set Up the Neatspy Spy App for Android

Step 1:  Visit Neatspy’s official website and sign up for a free account. Purchase a subscription plan for Android devices.

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Step 2:  Follow setup wizard instruction and fill in provided fields with the target’s name, age, and select the device OS.

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Step 3:  You’ll be prompted by an email with a download link. Open the link on the target phone and Install the Neatspy app. Agree with the privacy settings, and then activate stealth mode before finishing the installation.

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Step 4:  Access the Neatspy dashboard by logging into the Control Panel. Once the data is synced, navigate to the left side to explore all Neatspy features.

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Part 4: What Makes Neatspy Stand Out

  • Neatspy offers 30+ features at a very affordable price and excellent subscription plan deals.
  • The app has earned a global reputation for being the most trusted and secured spy app, safe from any malware or virus.
  • You don’t need to root the person’s device to install the Neatspy app, therefore no void of warranty or security breach.
  • Installing the Neatspy app is quick and precise, takes about five minutes.
  • Uninstallation is fast; it takes only a single click of a button from your online dashboard.
  • You get real-time result updates on your account.
  • The app operates discreetly by running in the background.
  • There’s a team of professional customer support available 24/7 to cater to your needs in queries.


If you’ve been curious to find out how to spy on your kid’s, employees or spouse’s phone, now you know. Consider using Neatspy monitoring software for Android, and you won’t ever go wrong.

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