BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today proudly announces the all new RACING Z490-SILVER series motherboards, designed to give you the ultimate edge in gaming and content creation.

Engineered to run the latest 10th Generation Intel Core™ processors, the new RACING Z490-SILVER motherboards range from BIOSTAR is designed to be the best in business, with an all new updated RACING pattern with a clean white heatsink and “S” PCB design layered with shiny, white lines meticulously designed by BIOSTAR’s master designers to be able to suit build theme.

Two motherboards arrive to the market under the new RACING Z490 flag, the RACING Z490A-SILVER full ATX motherboard and the RACING Z490T-SILVER Mini-ITX motherboard, both designed with the latest technology to assist users under any workload.


The RACING Z490A-SILVER motherboard is designed for systems that require the ultimate payload with the capability to install up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM over 4 DIMMs and can be overclocked up to 4400Mhz of max OC speed. Features like PCIe M.2 (32Gb/s) and supports for Intel Optane technology makes the RACING Z490A-SILVER motherboard highly efficient with extremely fast data transfer rates and compute power making it highly suitable for content creator systems and other heavy-duty applications.

Biostar Z490 Racing Silver PR 1


The RACING Z490T-SILVER motherboard on the other hand has the capability of supporting up to 64GB of DDR4 ram across 2 DIMM slots with a similar range of overclocking power of 4400Mhz max OC. Similar to its bigger brother, the RACING Z490T-Silver motherboard also carries essential features like PCIe M.2 (32Gb/s) and supports for Intel Optane technology complementing the latest 10th gen Intel processors, making it a great choice for gaming rigs and casual content consumption, and is highly suitable for builds with small footprints to save desk space yet still have the power of its bigger counterpart.

Biostar Z490 Racing Silver PR 2

Both motherboards are designed with BIOSTAR’s signature LED ROCK ZONE capable of showcasing colorful lighting options with support for a wide array of peripherals to use with them easily controlled by BIOSTAR’s VIVID LED DJ software, that makes it easy for modders and enthusiasts to change their system appearance on the fly and depending on their mood.

Power efficiency has taken mainstage in both motherboards, as the two of them are engineered with Super Durable Inductors for smooth hardware power regulation together with BIOSTAR’s Super Hyper PWM technology that delivers stable power with 100% fixed voltage providing users with a guarantee of excellent precision, performance and reliability under superior power efficacy and longer component life, the 14-phase power design on the RACING Z490A-SILVER motherboard further enhances this fact.

Additional features like USB 3.2 Gen 1, GbE LAN and support for WiFi 6 is also present in both models, providing users with much needed connectivity options and features like CPU OPT Header present in both motherboards allow users connect any type of water-cooling unit to the system helping them keep their battle station at optimal temperature.

The RACING Z490-SILVER series motherboards are built to be durable with exceptional build quality present on BIOSTAR’s premium products with features like Iron Slot Protection which prevents PCIe slot protection capable of handling heavier graphics cards and prevents bending.

Both motherboards have received the new updated BIOS version and has the new EZ Mode BIOS Interface allowing users with less experience when it comes to BIOS tweaks and overclocking to do it without any hassle.

When it comes to rear I/O, both motherboards are designed with users in mind with a fully packed rear I/O panel.

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