BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices announced the release of Windows 7 support for its latest Intel and AMD motherboards including the A10N-8800E and H310MHG. Windows 7 remains to be the second most-used Windows operating system for many home, office, schools and government organizations, PC’s still running this operating system can continue to do so with BIOSTAR’s latest Intel and AMD platform motherboards. See the full list of compatible motherboards and BIOS updates below.

Whilst Microsoft may be ending support for the older Window 7 operating system, users can still secure their machine with the upcoming SHA-2 Security Update. It is vital for legacy OS users to install the security update, machines without the security patch will be vulnerable. For advanced data security, the BIOSTAR H310MHG motherboard also comes with a TPM header for TPM modules making it perfect for government organizations that require the highest level of data security. TPM modules are used in conjunction with other security technologies such as biometric verification, antivirus software, firewalls, smart cards, and others.

BIOSTAR AMD and Intel motherboards are fully compatible with Windows 7 operating system, suitable for home, business, and government use. Working hand in hand with Microsoft to deliver superb reliability with the latest security updates and technologies. BIOSTAR offers durable, stable, and affordable motherboards with ensured reliability and security for building Windows 7 desktop PCs.

SHA-2 Security Updates

The SHA-2 security updates will run for the entire year which started on March 12, 2019 with Stand-Alone security updates KB4474419 and KB4490628. Learn more about the SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows 7 and the scheduled release of security updates at

Creating Windows 7 Installation Image To USB

For H310MHD3, H310MHG, H310MHC2, and H310MHD PRO2 motherboards, BIOSTAR offers a tool for creating Windows 7 installation image to USB flash drives. The Windows 7 installation image will also work with other BIOSTAR motherboards that support Windows 7 operating system. See BIOSTAR’s guide here:

Intel 300 series Motherboards:

  • H310MHD3
  • H310MHD PRO2
  • H310MHC2
  • H310MHG

AMD 300 and 400 Series Motherboards1:

  • RACING X470GT8
  • RACING B450GT3
  • B450MH
  • B450MHC
  • RACING X370GT7
  • RACING X370GT5
  • RACING X370GT3
  • RACING B350GT5
  • RACING B350GT3
  • RACING B350ET2
  • Hi-Fi B350S1
  • TB350-BTC
  • B45M2

Windows 7 Support on BIOSTAR AMD 300 and 400 Series motherboards limited to Bristol/ Summit/ Pinnacle Ridge processors

AMD SoC Series Motherboards:

  • A10N-8800E
  • A68N-5600
  • A68N-5745
  • A68N-5545
  • A68N-5100
  • A68N-5200
  • A68N-5000
  • A68N-2100
  • A68I-E350 DELUXE
  • A68I-450 DELUXE
  • A68I-350 DELUXE
  • A68I-350 DELUXE R2.0


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