BitFenix upped the ante with the Spectre Xtreme Series of fans – featuring a new look and four LED colors to choose from. Specs wise, we are looking at a 120mm standard cooler size, a variable 900 – 2000 RPM motor with a maximum 66 CFM air flow and 2.74mm H2O air pressure. The Spectre Xtreme is also rated at 30dB at max RPM. Both the LED and Non-LED version shares the same motor and specifications.

“BitFenix Spectre Xtreme is engineered to provide an extremely silent performance. Use of high quality Fluid Dynamic Bearings have reduced the noise levels while increasing the efficiency and life expectancy of the fans. Carrying on the signature dual frame design of the Spectre series, the new Spectre Xtreme frame design provides a high level of noise dampening due to the use of TPU the construction of the frame. The result is a fan that can operate at different fan speeds from 950RPM to 2000RPM.”

BitFenix Spectre Xtreme LED PR (3)

As far as color goes, the LED version features Red, Green, Blue, and White options – while the standard one features an all black housing. Accessories includes a set of rubber mounts, screws, washers, and a PWM to 4-Pin Molex adapter.

BitFenix Spectre Xtreme LED PR (1) BitFenix Spectre Xtreme LED PR (4)

The BitFenix Spectre Xtreme LED is expected to retail around 800 Pesos, while the non-LED version should hit the market at around 600 Pesos.

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