Bitspower, one of the world’s leading suppliers of water-cooling equipment for performance computers, has launched the Bitspower Digital Leak Detector—an easy to use, handheld device that allows water-cooling enthusiasts to check for leaks quickly and accurately.

The Digital Leak Detector features a digital pressure gauge and an integrated, hand-operated air pump to pressurize the system. The device is equipped with a rotatable male 1/4″ connecting port, so it can be attached directly to any standard port on a water-cooling system.

Before filling a water-cooled loop with water, users can simply attach the Digital Leak Detector to their system, pressurize the system with an air pump, and keep the system in a closed state. The pressure of the system is displayed on the easy-to-read digital screen, and allows users to see if any air is escaping. If the pressure is kept constant, it demonstrates that the loop has been sealed effectively.

Bitspower Digital Leak Detector PR 1

In order to achieve the best results, Bitspower recommends that users pump the Digital Leak Detector to the test pressure and keep the system still for at least 1 minutes. If no pressure drop is observed, the water-cooled system should be able to operate safely.

For more details, or to purchase the product, please go to this link.

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