Pearl Abyss has exciting Halloween plans for Black Desert: They’re bringing spine-chilling events, creating the ultimate Halloween theme park, presenting special challenges, introducing terrifying bosses, and offering intriguing rewards for all adventurers.

Dive into the Halloween spirit by visiting Marni’s Land, a spooky Halloween theme park within Black Desert. As part of the main questline, adventurers will cross paths with characters like Marni and Valentine, unveiling a mysterious storyline and the possibility of earning a “Halloween Costume Box” as a reward for persistent investigation.

From this day until November 9th, two diabolical foes will make appearances: “MK XII” and the sinister Black Witch “Isabella.” Each boss poses a unique challenge, like MK XII, who can only be faced by adventurers transformed into one of the mechanical mounts using Transformation Scrolls acquired from Challenges.

Adventurers can also score attractive rewards by simply logging into the game. Beginning today and running until November 7th, players can log in and kickstart a special reward chain. This chain includes goodies such as “[Jukebox] Halloween Night in Wonderland,” with more exciting items to follow, like Mad Scientist Marni’s Mechanical Box, Mischievous Jack’s Box, and Shakatu’s Splendid Box.

And there’s even more spine-tingling excitement in store for next week. Stay tuned for additional Halloween events in Black Desert. For further details, check out the official Black Desert Halloween event page.

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