Pearl Abyss announced today that the long-awaited mansion content, Blue Maned Lion’s Manor, has arrived in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now decorate their residence and garden in their own style.  

Blue Maned Lion’s Manor is a new mansion content with an enhanced housing system, which allows Adventurers to decorate a large residence and even a terrace. They will have a diverse selection of decorative items to choose from, such as flowers and trees to manor-exclusive furniture and lighting that keeps the mansion looking beautiful at night.  

Blue Maned Lions Manor Black Desert PR 2

The mansion is located between Heidel and the Eastern Border to ensure it is visible to as many Adventurers as possible. Adventurers are required to have 5 Contribution Points, complete a pre-requisite quest in order to rent the mansion, and must pay a daily rental fee subject to discount depending on the number of days they rent the manor for. 

Blue Maned Lions Manor Black Desert PR 3

To celebrate the arrival of this new content, a hot-time event will take place until November 17th that grants Adventurers a 50% higher chance of obtaining items. A special log-in event will also offer rewards worth USD 55 including items such as 200 Cron Stones and a luxury interior box until December 1.  

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