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1TB Transcend ESD400 Portable USB 3.0 SSD Review

Transcend’s 1TB ESD400 Portable SSD Gets Tested INTRODUCTION: SSDs nowadays can be found in almost everything – empowering PCs, servers, phones, thumb drives, and even flight recording devices or black boxes of planes. Their speed and reliability makes up for this feat over mechanical drives and it just wont stop from there as they have also successfully entered the reaches of the outer-space. Their applications thru different industries might be almost limitless, but for us folks – a simple SSD will do. After all, SSDs saw its own bloom with the help of consumers. Now this puts us to the...

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Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB SSD Review

Kingston’s HyperX Savage Receives SSD Treatment! INTRODUCTION: Kingston appears to never stop releasing new waves of products, as the company just launched the HyperX Savage SSD – Finally completing the SSD lineup of Kingston joining the ranks of the HyperX Fury, & Predator. The HyperX Savage is not just an SSD dabbed in a nice coating, as it features a new flash controller courtesy of Phison Electronics Corporation, specifically the Phison S10 controller which is powered by a  quad-core CPU, and with a maximum of 8 Channels for capacity freaks (up to 2TB max). There is more to say about the Phison S10, but us...

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Kingston MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 Card Reader Review

Because ya all need card readers in life INTRODUCTION: Card readers weren’t the most popular in the ICT industry, but they are equally important as your memory card especially if you’re a budding photographer who values time and performance. Card readers comes in many shapes, features, and prices, but not all of them features the same performance and others are simply not quite up to task to deliver the goods. Now this drove us to Kingston’s MobileLite Series – particularly the MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 card reader. This card reader features USB 3.0 performance, while keeping form factor and aesthetics into...

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Andromedia / Capella M6 6600mAh Power Bank Review

INTRODUCTION: It is undeniable that power banks are starting to become a necessity nowadays. It also copes up well with the progression of the smart phones and other portable devices out there. In fact, it copes up well with the smartphone’s progression that some power banks comes in a slim and premium build and some even comes with 3-in-1 functions! So, most of our frustration when it comes to charging our phone in our walls almost everyday and the deprived opportunity for us to charge our worn out batteries anywhere is almost gone. Good thing, one of the emerging local brands,...

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BitFenix Neos Mid-Tower Case Review

INTRODUCTION: It’s been a while since we reviewed cases here, so when BitFenix decided to bless us with a case to check out, we instantly jumped with joy. You see, pricey case or not, we try to check out how these enclosures impact a PC gamer’s life, especially if it’s a gamer’s first foray into the world of proper cases that meets today’s standards. One such case is the one we got here from BitFenix, the budget friendly NEOS which is available in many  colorful combinations. The BitFenix NEOS is a case designed with simplicity in mind, while still taking feature...

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