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BitFenix Prodigy M Review & Build Guide

This review and build guide is an article provided by Carlo “Euro_Bucks” Infante; A Power User, PC enthusiast, and a gamer dad. INTRODUCTION: BitFenix Prodigy has been a huge success since it was released in 2012. It has become a popular case for builders, modders, gamers, HTPC users and for those who just wanted to buy anything newly released. With its unique design and reasonable price tag, it is sold like a pancake. For a M-ITX chassis, the BitFenix Prodigy is quite huge and some modders thought of redesigning it so they could fit a micro ATX board in...

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BitFenix Phenom M Micro-ATX Chassis Review

INTRODUCTION: When building a new PC, the case is sometimes the last hardware out of the bunch to get a personal treatment. With that said, we often see builders revolving the build around other components. While it’s not a bad idea, presentation is still important. After all, we firmly believe that while performance is king, presentation is the queen. The Phenom M is an elegant proposal from BitFenix, boasting a Micro ATX form factor support, while still maintaining a small and sleek stature. The case is designed around the critically acclaimed BitFenix Prodigy’s chassis, specifically the M version, but...

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COUGAR Evolution Full Tower Chassis Review

INTRODUCTION: It’s not every day that we review cases here in our blog, notwithstanding the fact that we felt very distant from enclosures for the past few months. That said, we literally jumped with joy when COUGAR gladly gave us the opportunity to test and review their flagship full tower case; the COUGAR Evolution. Back in the days, COUGAR is just a series of gaming and enthusiast grade power supplies from their parent company, HEC/COMPUCASE. With much success, COUGAR as we know them today, now has their own R&D department based on Germany, and are now developing PSUs, Cases,...

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